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Doxite double-wind
Forgetful retry
Aphasic clouded cult
Synaptic planet pulse
Lost engram

Illusive mythic doubt
Reactive spastic pause
Magic lady of the Snake Cult stands, high on the Voodoo Mountain
Society does the Congo Dance, to the Serpent Queen's chanting
Baby - Feel
as we watch you fade away and on your gravestone we will write a naked cult of hypocrites
Leader of a hippie cult
The devilish chief
Directs his wicked family
To kill psychotically
Dying in agony
As he observes patiently
A quitless
What you see is what you get.

Evolving chaos, death the inevitable force
It's your cult, your mission
Misery, a necessary evil
Sympathy, a tool for
Into burning eyes
You stare hypnotically
You're Possessed by the Mesospotamian Genii
Cults of Chaos
Desert Sabbaths
Of witching Minds

Song to the star
That breeds and kills

Unconquered sun
Object of cult

The day you darken
The gods too will darken

Don't worry, someone still believes in something
A religion of these words on a page
For the sake of a cult following gathered at the base of a stage
the cheering's too loud

Hypocrisy on a massive scale
It's all a show
But now we know
All they want is your money

Hero lost his
of playing in your fashion war

To the lights to the trend setting in your head
Sunday nights tear from the youth cults already dead
I'm glad that we don't
A teenage assassin executing some fun
In the cult of the life of crime
I'd really hate to say it but I told you so
So shut your mouth before I shoot you
order, black king
The cult that serves the living, accept this offering

Black candles slowly burning, white fangs and flashing eyes
Hell's wind
Rise of the One 
The dark iconoclast
Forging a cult of fear
With legions unsurpassed
Shouting the word 
With vicious tongues of fire
my tv
I'm only lonely occasionally

I saw you with your envoy
A consenting adult
Technique in moderation
But vogue to the cult
Me I've got my
The finest parts of me
Are only shades of you
Don't put aside
The time slips by(?)
Are only cult of you(?)

I give my word to stand the test
When this beautiful cult of desire 
Has left you for dead
Isolation will cradle the lies 
Of things left unsaid
What will it take sister awake
God's peace is pathetic
Craving for hell

Worthless are the weak
Crush the cult of the Nazarene
Hail unto Satan, giver of license
To waste this
of nine,
Feed the beast,
Human meat,

Cult of the wolf !
Condemned return of the crowned one Homicide of the first son Continuous trial of the forsaken Bleeding these sores Deformity of this new cult
Solar worship
Dark majesty
Secret society
Cult of intelligence
Skull and bones
Mark of corruption
Invisible to the naked eye
Plagued economies
You can ? a cult

In our hearts
In our minds
In our short and fragile time
We must all decide just what it means to be alive

You can look into
Scorching sun has sunk below
into mortal sands
wind carried ressurection spells
dawn of cursed chants
ritual mortis funeral cult
At the meeting of the cult - I'll be a different man

Out of style
That's what I hear them saying - inside my head
Oh yes, it looks real cool but is it out
Punk ain't no religious cult
Punk means thinking for yourself
You ain't hardcore 'cause you spike your hair
When a jock still lives inside your

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