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from below it's catastrophic 

Freezing, there's no healing 
Families are dying 
This world is shattered 
All shattered 

Life crushing
Flame throwing hurricane
Destroys the cage

Bone crushing alien
God of salvation
Sad wings that heaven sent
Wipes out in rage

All guns, all guns blazing
Expose the skin
Know, know the downfall
Crushing, crushing the 
Your so warm, with 
Its sets into beleaguered animation
The ? so cold, they
I'm up to here 
In paper and pencils 
I'm nothing more 
Than a simple machine 
I feel like running away 

I've had enough 
Of crushing digits 
It was a crushing victory
Napoleon and his army
Marched across some other soil
Took the farmers from their toil
Waged a war that could never be won
Weakened bodies fulminate

The forward march
Is crushing life
Lights up the night

Rip through the flesh
Searing within
Militant trek
Everything I've ever done. 
Everything I have. 
Amounts to nothing. 
Keeps on crushing you within. 

Sometimes you want to be alone. 
It won't
abyss of conscience
Time will swallow

Converge upon me
Crushing all I see
Take away my pain
Purifying rain

I am swept away

Skies are
my love
I'm Stealing Rosemary
Flowers crushing on my skin
Tuscan Blue

All for you
Caught in rain and running
Home to you
I'm coming home
on hovering wing
And ever o'er its babel sounds the blessed angels sing

And He beneath life's crushing load, whose forms are bending low
Who toil along
Mercy withers on the vine
Pulse rushes, I'm set free from my cage
I no longer walk alone
Make her animosity my own
Crushing embrace
yes-men, deadly stroking fate again
Crushing-head King-size pussie
Cinderella cries...
Looking at me smothering you
Destroying all
Looking at me punishing you
Destroying it
Pushing you down
Pulling you down
I crushing all
The blind are following in sightless plight 

Titans looming over me 
Giants that are crushing me
Reaching the top
Still growing hot
Shadow of myself say

Rhythm (breaking)
My way (crushing)
Stingwray (rising)
Moving (breaking)
you guess what this has done to us?
It gave us power! It's a way of life!
There's no separation
Total annihilation
Crushing through creation
goodwill to men
From heavens all gracious King
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing

O ye beneath life's crushing load
Whose forms
on hovering wing
And ever o'er its babel sounds the blessed angels sing

And He beneath life's crushing load, whose forms are bending low
Who toil along
They got nothing to lose

I told you
I'd hold you
'til the last days on earth

Ties that are tested and tried
Like the crushing of the waves
can remain

It's getting closer
Follow my friend
Endorama is crushing you
This is the end expect no mercy
Just understand
Emdorama comes for you
construction of no future
Growing mass frustration crushing all resistance

Sick Society System [x4]

Senses saturated feelings mutilated
Will to live
you down
Wrath - crushing down overwhelm
Scorn - Conquers you at the helm
Hurt - searching through inner fear
Blame - self destruct slowly clear

Albion Autumn, where did the will go?
Below the crushing sea
Deep is the water
Kneeling by the edge
Lips kissed faintly
Will I see again?
The times we had shared the same ideals
The times we had been holding hands
Now come to an end
Now my hands are crushing your neck.
So quick

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