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Or so I'm told
By the falsely
Intelligent, creative, and beautiful

Forever, forever
You haunt me
Like a million
Bones crushing

I want
living a lie
Honest as chalk
Crushing victims, oh so sly
Born in a rainbow over the sky
You've lost your eyes you know
Fell from the skies, land how (?)
life as dead and the sharpness of the shrieks
the licking tongues of fire, lustful and crushing

funeral bitch, the urge is so strong
funeral bitch,
fucking sad
You're just another piece of shit

I can't take your moaning anymore
Pressure building up inside
After I deliver the crushing blow
our legion, and now you belong, 
And the point of the blade will be screaming our song, 

Crushing the upstarts with steel in hand, 
Our forces
the first time
Husband taking their hats off for the first time
Crushing their handkerchiefs, rubbing their nose
Telling each other, how good she is
Took a walk down my life today
Broken and empty roads are paved with regrets and guilt I have made
Crushing what bits of hope remain
Do you want

You're invincible
That crushing crashing atom-smashing white hot thing,
It's invincible

When they finally come, what'll you do
I had locked away myself 
In a captain-less ship
Destined to destroy ashore
Destruction was my savior
Crushing collapse
Crashing from
Crushing my belief
And make shape to my relief
For who you set your prayers
I can't hear them anyway

Someday fire wipes the rain
Fears are frozen
that you don't see

Alarming you're crushing
And lovely I'll miss the

Today's the day I will see
Everything you do for me
You are God you
Killing the Beast, Killing the Beast, crushing his head!
One day the King of Kings will put him in an endless pit
And lock it up tight for a thousand
Crushing us like cars 
Into tiny squares 
To me every moment matters
to power

Denounce all gods and moral structures
Crushing to dust the bones of those who question
The power of our convictions
The world has never seen such
My mind is in a state
'Cause all I seem to do is tempt my fate
Well I try every space
But all the while we're crushing at the gate
This time,
crushing all that cower
Battery is here to stay

Smashing through the boundaries
Lunacy has found me
Cannot kill the battery

Pounding out aggression
o's 2

Bone crushing, bone breaking
Now, what you rock for?
We in the making you move like is a dead zone
Steady 'causing damage
Now, what you stop for?
I'd like to see you happy but it seems
You're bent on crushing me
Crushing me
Crushing me
It's the day after you burnt me and
The smoke still
Crushing down like rocks
Crushing rocks
Crushing down like rocks

Catch me when I fall
Before I've lost it all
When everything comes down
Crashing all
of your breeze
Open arms to a mother's gift
Electric sensations pulsating through our ribs
Breathing life into our dreams
The weight of man is crushing
at the sun

I was the one you took home
Never a flame to burn slow
But I was hoping you'd see me a different way
So many bodies I've touched
Crushing around me
but myself
The pain is deafening, crushing all that is challenged
I really wonder if one day I'll surrender

Open scarsâ?¦ these wounds will never
The pain is deafening, crushing all that is challenged
I really wonder if one day I'll surrender

Open scars these wounds will never heal
Love is holding hands beneath the sky
Crushing all our fears so we can fly
Now's the time to be all we can be
Feelings of the love so promising

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