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of change

Night time came in hooded cloaks
Slides through starlight and eyelids
A crushing smile into me goes
The last wish
Falls into view
Crushing worlds in front of you
Gushing through the trial
I am the wind

I am the storm you'll always flee
Find you there
Where the sun smote
the lights went out
You went like you came
In a lightning bolt

Why did you go like this?
I slam against the wall
It's crushing my skull
Why did you go like
The infinite abyss forever holds

Total annihilation
We are your masters now

Crushing your premonition
Crushing your premonition

Towers fall into the fire
We came down with a crushing might
I might be mistaken
We came down with a sickening flight
Forever forsaken

We got all bent right out of shape
The chasm between truth and flesh paved
With bricks from secret cities

Entering linear orbit
Crushing the foundations of divided times
now united
Crushing and raping our thoughts
We die in our darkness so blind
Inside the dead born kind
Apocalyptic we find
Beneath the darkest sky
Pushing, pulling me down again. Pushing, pulling me down again. Its gettin gbad. I Can.t breathe. I won't let them in . 
Crushing, pushing me down
The fear sinks in a crushing hold
Keep the outside from closing in
Slowly dying

Your life is slowly fading
Your life is built upon a lie
Existence now
and hack

Crushing the despised

Under my boot I hear your bones crack
So many things that you want to take back
I won't forget and I won't forgive
through this.
But I'm afraid of falling, and being trapped underneath,
and it's crushing me, I can't shed my skin,
it's crushing me, and I'm slipping,
Vials of bright forgetting powders
Reds and yellows, sweets and sours,
Curled around a scented pillow
Biting hard and crushing flowers

I went
Wings like a window
Of colored collages
Crushing you under my skin
Dreaming of you
Flying above me
Somehow I'm going to catch you
Over and over again
And it's so hard
Every goal replaced
This crushing blow

Set it up
Another scene
The angle seems legitimate
You're signing off high
towards our life, towards our dreams
Disguise yourself with your words
Crushing smiles we once had

We've broken down
We've broken out
But you will
Sorrow the cause of my pain
Like thorns ripping in skin
Torment of silent screams
Awakes me from lifeless sleep

A storm of rage crushing all
better than me and
He's gonna have you

He's gonna have you
I'm sorry
I'm in Chicago

It's crushing me into a bundle
Then I look at the stars
falling in love
But now you're sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life's a cruel crushing bastard crime
But you're a stupid mutherfucker
I feel us tearing apart 
Like an avalanche
This love is falling
Crushing you and I
Will there be survivors
When the storm is over
crushing the sun 
That's why 
I pay no mind 
Sleep in slime 
I just got signed 
So get out your lead-pipe pipe dreams 
Get out your ten-foot flags
her super high beams,
She's a squirrel crushing, deer smacking, driving machine!

Canyonero!-oh woah, Canyonero! (Yah!)

Drive Canyonero!

to the levels above
We'll split the difference, call it quits
This is no new romantic blitz-krieg
Pull off the foil and watch it break
A whisper's crushing all
My mind is in a state
'Cause all I seem to do is tempt my fate
Well I try every space
But all the while we're crushing at the gate
This time,
last long
Let's hope this canopy crashes down
Crushing us
That's the only way to break this apart

And although the moon is falling down on

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