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Castles were crumbling and daydreams were tumbling
December was battling with June
But on this bright afternoon
Guess I'll be changing my tune
Feeling tense, tired, and spent
I lost my head, my sight, my nerve
Life is changing
One foot can only outrun
The other one so many times
Life is

Things are changing for the better
Things are changing for the better
Now's the time for you to better yourself

Life's got problems, but you
sleep with a color so bright
Changing the grey, and changing the blue
Scarlet for me, and scarlet for you

I got to know if this is the real thing
As I'm lying there
Cold comforts blown from nowhere
And blue light is on the ground
And the coloring
Is changing reflecting everything
From cold
trigger certain acts
Just one of the commandments we have learnt
Some acts will trigger certain states
I think, it's time to alter the game

I'm changing
Don't go changing, rearranging
Don't go changing, rearranging
Hold on to a love sensation
If you ever go away
That would be my darkest day
He's keeping the time I'm playing for keeps
He's changing his mind I'm losing my sleep 
He's counting times I stumble over my do do do do do
Winter, spring or summer, fall
The seasons never cared at all
That I was never changing
My colors stayed the same
But when the days go by and I'm not
A destiny, a life, decided by our choices
Picking the right car or changing gender
Either good or bad the causes will be there

Effects of that
This time
Its changing
Changing now
You're the one that's obeying

Always another
Another reason to drag me under
Always another
Another reason
gaze around the floor
And I'll keep on changing partners
Till I hold you once more

Though we danced for one moment and too soon we had to part
But that's what makes the world go round
The ups and downs, the carousel
Changing people, [Incomprehensible] all around
Go underground, young man
Over and over again

This is madness, madness
And you know that
This is madness, madness
And you know that
This is never-changing, it's
Over and over again

This is madness, madness
And you know that this is madness, madness
And you know that this is never-changing, it's always
Changing ending troubling times a bomb left on your door
Causing great discomfort as your house has just exploded
The rivers overflowing
that's changing
It's the light that's changing
It's the light that's changing
It's only the light

Across the schoolyards, across the gardens
thing you got to let me know...

Are you changing, are you changing your mind?
Because I'm telling you now for the last time.

We've tried so hard to make
changing, your changing, your changing

And it lights up well
I bring you down to hell
The street it has my name
I'll burn it to the ground, the ground,
It's changing me, changing me
To whom I'm afraid of
I can't confide in anything
The crowd will not rest tonight

If you look twice
The second
who's chained to the past
If I'm changing then I'm changing
Take off your mask there's no place in my desk file
For someone who reasons - regardless
Intending our fortunes to try on the old changing way
We come to your cities and we call on your wives
We'll fix up your kettles, please dear
the storm;
I wish to stay forever, letting this be my food
But I'm caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods.

Bitter turns to sugar, some call
killo's is a 100 grams easy to remember repeat a few times changing words.
Bricks short gap

mann talking well rap!

Then chorus again

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