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Couldn't eat a thing
Couldn't sit next to you

For all this sorrow the joy brings
It only shows me the truth

So I fretted at you, to swallow
the changing rivers now they wait their turn to die
But they turn their tide upon you when the sea  begins to cry
Have you seen the changing windows
Now I'm not the type to worry
Especially if it's concerning my health
Oh no, I'd never worry
I'd much rather do something else
I'm changing my
democracy is changing
I'm sorry democracy is changing

I'm not a slogan or a badge
Or a cross in the ballot box
Neither values or objectives
You do not
The changing of sunlight to moonlight
Reflections of my life
Oh how they fill my eyes

The greetings of people in trouble
Reflections of my life
that's what makes the world go round
The ups and downs a carousel
Changing people's heads around
Go underground young men
People make the world go
And sanity is a state of mind
That you believe in, sanity
There's a shadow on the wall where the paint is peeling
My body's moving forward but
and say make our way
You sounded like you came from Mars 

Times are changing and I'll take my chance on a steel river
Rearranging all the faces
the wind that blows
The trees are sailing for the breeze
Ever changing all the time

I'm a rainbow just a rainbow
Ever changing all the time

Sorry's not good enough, why are we breaking up?
Cause I didn't treat you rough so please don't go changing.
What was I thinking of?
You said

And I was seventeen
And you kept on
Changing the plan

Breaking into houses for the sheer thrill of a crime
Was funny at first
But I turned
I'm letting my thoughts flow
Thinking of people
Thinking of places
That I have seen
My live is changing
But nevertheless
It's still the same
I defy indecision
I'll deny your religion
Changing form, incantation
Rage within, mutilation
Return to hell
Lies in the mind
Crimes of mankind
She was a party girl
Now the party's over
she was a beauty
And that's changing too
Now she's barefoot and having babies
She was a party girl
The love we used to share
Weâ??ve given up pretending
As if you didnâ??t care

Change changing places
Root yourself to the ground
Capitalize on this good
they're making you with
But can you stay alive
Chewed every fucking inch of my face
And it remains calm
Suck in your tongue as it peels you away
Changing my
I went to church on Sunday
My love, she passed me by
I knew her mind was changing
By the roving of her eye
By the roving of her eye
Motives changing
Day to day
The fire increases
Masks decay
I look at the river
White foam floats down
The body's poisoned
Got to sit tight

Life keeps changing key
I'll look to you please look back at me
See I'm changing every day
Reaching out for happy days

But I'm just a man
the sound of the sirens ringing
See the world of a life that's changing
Well, you hit me like a bomb
I was scared and I started running
Can't say I never saw

Now my eyes are 
Open wide
Fear in voice, 
I remember
Change in mood
I can sense it
Changing every day

I remember 
You read that in some magazine?
Next thing you'll say the earth's not green

How can I be sure of you?
When you know the world's always changing
to my ripost
We look out upon the sea
We look out upon the sea the coast is always changing
Ill bring my camera out to sea
The coast is always changing
our skyline
No ones complaining about
Nothing's changing here

The local paper has a page or two
Just about covers the hometown news
One kind

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