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Christmas Gold 
The Big Match 
The Brightest Star In The Sky 
Don't Forget Bethlehem 
Five, Five, Five Little Angels 
One Bright Star 
Magical Christmas Journey 
A Wriggly Nativity 
A Christmas Recipe 
A Wriggly Nativity (Reprise) 
Rockabye Jesus 
The Time Has Come (To Say Goodbye) 
Here Come The Presents 
Bells Ring Out! 
Harvest Time Is Here Again 
If You Don't Know The Way 
Too Late 
Bethlehem Is Full 
When Life Is Tough 
The Donkey Song 
Christmas Is Here! 
Monkey Climbing 
Twinkling Stars 
My Name Is Sid Spangle 
Journey Of The Magi 
Something's Gonna Happen 
Put Him In The Oven 
I'm A Baby Donkey 
Donkey Plodding 
Knock On Another Door 
Don't Forget The Donkey 
Sing Ye Hosanna 
Three Kings Have Journeyed Far 
All Over The Hills 
The Way In A Manger 
The Angel Gabriel 
A Little Nativity 
Jump Upon My Tail 
Bumpety, Bumpety, Bump 
The Gospel Show (Reprise) 
Three Kings Travelling 
Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer 
Three Wise Men From The Orient 
If Only I Had Wings 
On The Road To Bethlehem 
Snowfalke Serenade 
Zany Zoo 
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring 
Sing With All Your Heart 
Stag Beetle Song 
Come With Us 
Once There Were Three Wise Men 
Kings Are Travelling 
Caw! Bugs! Yummy! 
A Christmas Recipe (Reprise) 
Panto Pandemonium 
Mary, Joseph, On The Way To Bethlehem 
Such A Long Way 
Shine Away 
Down In Old Judea 
The Echo Carol 
Come Hear A Story 
Down In Bethlehem 
Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep 
Bucket and Spade 
Donkey On A Journey 
Beneath The Stars 
Bethlehem Is Calling 
I Will Make You Well Again (Ee-ore) 
Gabriel's Message 
God's Great Plan 
A Miracle Child 
Ding Dong 
Dancing About In The Straw 
Turnip For Breakfast 
Let's Go To The Fayre 
Babushka (Full Heart) 
I Wish I Could Be A Butterfly 
The Button Box 
Welcome To Hamlin 
Tell Us The Story 
Codot The Robot 
No-One Loves A Rat 
I Like To Eat 
I Need to Crawl 
Spider Song 
Spread A Little Magic 
Baby Jesus Sleeps 
Noisy Nativity 
Mary Had A Baby (Did You Know?) 
Rowing My Boat 
Now You've Heard The Story 
Sweet Summer 
I Shall Make A Gingerbread Man 
In Mama Llama’s Ristorante 
See The Little Baby 
King Of The Jews 
Time Now To Search For Peace 
King Herod 
Come Back To Hamelin 
It Snowed In The Night 
You'll Never Find A Mouse 
My Feet Want To Dance 
Zappy Zebra Is My Name 
Wretched Child 
Shepherds Wake Up 
Angels Singing 
I Wish I was Special 
It'll Soon Be Christmas 
At Last We're Home And Dry 
Away In A Manger 
Bring It On! 
Flutterby, Butterfly 
Bumping Up And Down 
King Of Kings 
Splish, Splash, Stamp. 
Poor Old Man 1 
Poor Old Man 2 
to Bethlehem (Reprise) 
Amazing Things Have Happened 
What Do You Want? 
Oh Dear, What Can I Do? 
I'm Cold 
We Mustn't Make A Noise 
Everything Is Looking Different 
Skip, Skip, Skippity Hop 
Do The Rockin' Robin 
Wonderful Father Christmas 
Wise Men Follow The Star 
Baby In A Manger 
Tell Me A Story 
Come On! 
Listen Mary Don't Be Scared 
Following The Star 
We Want Some Robins 
A Gift Called Love 
Miserable Monster 
Hail, O Mary 
Prince Of Peace 
Just A Single Candle 
Baby Jesus Born Tonight 
Raise Your Swords 
Real Tough Stuff 
The Storm 
There's A Baby In The Manger 
The Tempest 
History Is Boring 
There's A Stable 
Master Plan 
The Last Supper 
Day Of Days 
Something Happened To The Light 
Three Kings From The East 
It's Gotta Be Me 
One Little Boy In The Straw 
Let's Show The World 
Nothing That We Wouldn't Do 
Whizz! Bang! Fizzy Crunch! 
Climb, Climb, Climb The Beanstalk 
I Will Make You Well Again (Baa-aa) 
If You Wanna Teach A Worm 
Wonderful Life 
Welcome Jesus! 
A Spider’s Life 
Zarcon Warriors 
Never Drink The Tudor Water 
Where's The Ring 
Moving Along 
Everyone's In The Stable 
Let's Go To The Market 
Big Dog, Little Dog 
Just A Little Cheese On Toast 
Christmas! There's Lots To Get Done 
Mighty Mice 
Don’t Wake The Giant 
All I Want 
Silent Night 
Glory To God 
There Go The Three Wise Men 
The Biggest Ever Take-Away 
My King 
I Spy Christmas 
Best Day In December 
Golden Strings 
Our Story's Told 
Zippety Zappy Zee 
Everyone's Asleep 
Zappy Is Jumping 
Impuku Nekati 
Welcome The Baby 
To The Gorgonzola! 
Nothing That I Wouldn't Do 
Shine Out! 
Once In A Dream 
Help Me Cut The Wheat 
Hoist The Anchor! 
King With A Silver Crown 
Make New Friends 
Babushka (Empty Heart) 
I'm A Baby Camel 
First The Little Roots Grow 
Can You See The Bright Star Shining 
Giraffe Song 
Just Move Your Feet 
Baby Jesus 
Follow That Star 
I'm Sick Of His Name 
The Rat Pack 
Street Cries - Cherries So Ripe 
It's Springtime Again 
Getting Busy 
Climb Back Down The Beanstalk 
Tuishi Pamoja 
Carol Medley 
Mary, Mary What A Surprise 
Three Measly Beans 
What Would You Wish? 
Living In A Box 
Think Of You 
Once Upon A Time 
Who Will You Choose? 
Guy Fawkes Hiding 
Treasure Island 
Oh What A Whopper! 
One Day At A Time 
Did You Hear The Newsflash? 
Sultan's Song 
It's A Donkey 
Just A Call Away 
They've Been Abaaandoned! 
Father Come Home 
Home For Christmas 
1001 Tales 
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining 
Jesus Is Our Baby King 
How Can We Solve The Problem? 
Follow The Piper 
Woodlouse Song 
If You Want To Be A King 
I've Tried To Make Them Listen 
The Crystal Is Ours 
The Perfect Christmas Tree 
Robin Hood Our Hero 
Oo-Oo-Oovering The Jungle 
Having A Party 
The Bombay Button 
There's A Star In The Sky 
Belly Button Boogie 
Where's The Gold? 
I Know A Little Mouse 
Good Mates 
Wipe Your Feet 
Hope / Light The Candle 
The Chocolate Shop 
Here Comes A Puppy 
Streamline / Move It! 
Hosanna, Jesus! 
Sanctus / The Chase 
Driving My Tractor 
Marching Band 
I Will Make You Well Again (Coo-oo) 
Uncle Tom's Button 
Fee,Fie, Fo, Fum! 
Sing A Lullaby 
Only One World 
Gullible Fool 
Off We Go To Market 
Zappy Mends The Roof 
Clouds, They Darken The Sky 
Hurrying Zippety 
Far From Home 
I Like The Weather 
Snow Day 
Now It's Time For Christmas 
Every Step Counts 
Nobody Wants To Help Me 
There's A Zoo Not Far From You 
Friends At Last 
What Shall We Do With Long John Silver? 
The Chocolate Button 
Veggie Alligator 
Got A Bucket And Brust 
Wishing, Wanting (Reprise) 
We Must Work Together 
Listen To Me 
No-one Likes A Bighead! 
Zee The Bee 
I Have No More Songs 
Can You Hear Me (B) 
Hey There! Welcome Along! 
Hold On! Slow Down! 
Little Fishy No-Swim 
The Blame Game 
The House Builders 
Is It Too Late? 
Have You Head The Story? 
The Cheese Song 
Bonjour 'Allo 
We Need You Now 
The Story Of The Storm 
Wake Up (Look At The Signs) 
You're In Great Danger 
Bigger Than The Biggest Mountain 
Pride Goes Before A Fall 
Everything You Give 
Votes For Women 
Step Into Light 
Zippety Zappy Zee (Goodbye) 
On Their Way 
Take A Juicy Spider 
Take A Look At You 
Look At The Wonderful Baby 
Spring Time - New Life 
Celebrate, It's Birthday Time! 
Come On Christmas 
Everybody Come To The Harvest Fair 
Hey Man, I Ain't A Big Fish 
Live Together 
The Bread Song 
The Good Samaritan 
Can't You Hear Me Knocking 
The Gospel Show 
Harvest Moon 
So Many Tales 
The Frog King 
Fifteen Men 
Today's A New Day 
Field Of Fumes 
Pastime With Good Company 
How Can I Make A Difference? 
Wishing, Wanting 
Nothing Ever Happens 
Help Me Plant The Seeds 
This Is The Place Where We Live 
Street Cries - Chairs To Mend 
Stick To The Rules 
Freedom Calling 
Your Way Or My Way? 
Turn, Turn 
Buzzy Bees 
When Seeds Grow 
Wind Wolves 
Now I Understand 
Don't Show Your Face 
Easter's Coming 
Tears In The Desert 
Work Hard 
Streets Are Buzzing 
The Crow's Button 
Night Is Coming 
Help Me Eat The Bread 
Our Story Begins 
Christmas Eve 
Someone Watching Over Me 
A Perfect Day Tomorrow 
Hello Donkeys 
Caw! Seeds! Yummy! 
Give A Little Love 
Sing The Love 
Getting Up At 4.30 
Turn To Me 
Ali Baba Part 1 
Feeling Hot 
Pastries and Pies 
Run! Run! Run! 
First Day 
Rat, Tat, Tat-A-Ta-Tat 
Send For The Mayor Of Hamelin 
Washing Line / Run For Your Lives 
Poor Little Lamb 
Take Me To The Stars 
Planet Nine 
Down On The Farm 
The True Saint Nicolas 
Light The Candle 
The Wishing Game 
Walk Upon The Water 
Barbecues, Burgers And Buns 
Make Time Go Backwards 
It's Only Something Small 
Christmas - Show What You Can Do 
Dance Away 
Good News 
The Pyjama Button / Button Box 
One Step Closer 
Time To Move Along 
Peter Needs The Piper 
Check Your Watch 
Someone Called 
Some People Can Let Things Go 
Melchior's Camel 
Let's Hear It For The Baddies 
Not So Creepy 
Shopping Bags 
Sleep Little Child 
Talk It Through 
Tina Tippytoes 
What Happens? 
O Jingle 
Daisy, Daisy 
Cast Out Your Nets 
Christmas Joy 
Change the World Together 
While Shepherds Watched / Please Will You Help Me 
I Wish You Were Here 
Lots And Lots Of People 
In The Stable 
Take Me 'Cross The Water 
The Last Battle 
Where's Kim? 
Strike Up The Tabor 
Little Blue Engine 
Zebra Song 
Three Sisters 
They Came To A Christmas Party 
It's The Thought That Counts 
Christmas Is Coming 
Millipede Song 
Sleep Little Ladybird 
They Sent Rat On Her Way 
We're The Creepy Crawlies 
Paradise Island 
Smiling Moon 
To Bethlehem 
You Gotta Try 
Step Away From The Chocolate! 
Gotta Get Help 
Ali Baba Part 2 
Wrong Ain't Right 
Before The Dreamtime 
Off We Go To A House 
Dancing With The Wind 
Little Donkey Follow The Star 
The Sussex Carol 
Bouncing On The Bed 
Wake Up Sleepy Head / Ding Dong Merrily 
It's Over Now 
Does Everybody Know 
Little Red Hen She Mixed The Flour 
We're Off 
Let's Go 
Gold - Yo, Ho, Ho! 
Let's Make A Noise 
The Books Of Life 
Let Him Out! 
Fishing For Bits 
Hamelin's A Rat Free Zone 
Timber For Furniture 
Finale / Celebrate Diversity 
Uncle Jack's Sailor Button 
We're The Seven Dwarfs 
Ding Dong Merrily On High 
The Mererstone 
The Moonrakers 
We Have News To Tell You 
Easy Pickin's 
She's Givin' Him Grief Again 
Once Upon A Time In Patara 
Please Tell Me 
The First Battle 
If It Takes All Night 
The Match Girl's Christmas Medley 
Somebody Help Me 
What Is It Worth? 
Roll Back The Stone 
Dung Beetle Song 
King With A Golden Crown 
We Have the Keys! 
Let's Say 'No!' 
There's Always One 
Gotta Make Things Different 
A 'What If' Monster 
Lots And Lots Of Feet 
Oswain's Destiny 
Come With Me 
The Twelve Days Of Christmas 
Somewhere In The Future 
Have You Heard The Latest? 
Pitter, Pitter, Pat 
Someone Else's Eyes 
G Jingle 
In The Gang 
Why Couldn't They Be Friends? 
Let's All Have A Little Drink 
Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum 
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem / Matches 
On That Night 
One Night 
Stand Up For Yourself 
Sing It High 
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 
Dream Spirits 
O Come All Ye Faithful 
Chocolate Eggs At Easter 
Good King Wenceslas 
Four Days To Go 
We Go In The Window 
D Jingle 
Reaching The Moon 
Think About… 
With New Hearts 
An Amazing Christmas 
Don't Open The Box 
Round The Corner 
I've Tried Traps 
L Jingle 
Find The Boy! 
Growing Pains 
Out There 
Staying In A Stable 
What Can You Do? 

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