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M-BraceJanet Brace 


through an oxygen mask
On my face, brace, brace
And the cabin erupts with religious conversions
God's sick joke as we lose the engines
Some people
Pale yellow holding on
Brace yourself to stand
Tell myself it is ok
Taking my own hand

Forever peering into the water
Returning back to the sea
All over town
The flat chested trailer brides
Their braces and their bottle caps
Jangle like tambourines
Triangle flags in a car dealer parking
Build your hopes behind the scenes
Break between your plans and schemes
Save yourselves, escape from me
Brace against the coming wind


I've got the remedy for you
No needles and blood and swelling tongues
Oh, brother, we're falling in love

So brace yourself
We're cleaning you out
Like makin' peace to make it through
It isn't always up to you 
By the way 

Here it comes
Here it comes
We can brace for it
Or we can run
lies fathers and families, 
Hammers and ties brace for the winter 
Until that rumble leapt up to his jaws 

Spines of furrowed earth jut jagged
Run, run away
Close your mouth
Don't you say
Scared, and all alone
The door is closed
Ain't no one's home
You speak
But no one hears
It's gonna be a cold, cold one 
So brace yourselves, my darlings
It won't bring anything much our way 
But more dust bowl days

I played a card in
To all the kids with
Headgear and braces and freckly faces (Wa-oo wa-oo)
Glasses and acne and foster care families (Wa-oo wa-oo)
Eating disorders who
of life
Brace the blow

Molecular breakdown mutate below
Cause and effect to react and explode
Static rush
Gravitational pull
spit in your face

Boots and braces we're out again
Drank a bit much don't give a damn
Boys! Boys will be boys
They will be boys... Oi! Oi!

reminder, that life is unkind
At the best of times

(Brace your self, cause I think I'm coming for you. Look up into the sky)

Home could be anywhere, when I
of times

Brace your self
Cause I think I'm coming for you
Look up into the sky

Home could be anywhere
When I am holding you
it's down in New Orleans
Brace yourself baby I'm here to attack
Down at the place called the Chicken Schack

The girls at that place are mighty fine
Brace for attack and lay down
Better start to worry
I hear the walls a-creakin'
I know somethin' is seekin' for you
Oh yeah

I think I hear
Allora spesso mi ispiro a me stesso

Rime che so' cortellate
Sputo la mia rima e tiro dalla brace
Esse' come me manco se me copiate
Si me
Oh-oh we'll brace for it
And conquer everything
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh
And conquer everything
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh

Oh-oh we're magical
fitting, so fitting of the way you are
You can't cover it up
Can't cover it up no oh oh whoa

Find a safe place, brace yourself, bite your lip
much soul

It's time to taste what you most fear
Right Guard will not help you here
Brace yourself, my dear
Brace yourself, my dear

Were the last words that you said
And now my bones just keep bending to reach for an end
You said brace yourself when the air grows thick
l'anima in un Dropbox
Io voglio colmare il vuoto che ho
Con i piedi nudi sopra la brace
Facciamo la guerra per fare la pace

Cosa vuol dire amo? (amo)
Oh yeah baby I'm a I'm a turn you out
Yeah ow
Just watch me as my love start to develop like a picture

Go ahead and tame me, brace me, hold me
To the world that never, to the world that never
To the world that never was

Another birthday party with the braces on my legs
The rented clown made cotton

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