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M-BraceJanet Brace 


On the corner every night. 
So brace-for impact, 
Brace-for impact, 

Brace-for impact, 
Why don't you brace. 
The end is coming, 
No time for running.
never dream my life would end this way
Cross my heart and hope to die
Fade to the black
Brace myself the time is now
The moment of impact

I pray in
(brace yourself, brace yourself)
'Bout to turn it up to 11 (brace yourself, brace yourself for 12)

Captain to the seamen (come the gales, mind
We are on an odyssey to the Metal Galaxy
Please fasten your neck brace to headbang
Are you still playing a guitar? This ain't heavy metal
(Whoa oh)
Brace yourself, brace yourself
(Whoa oh)

Your last chance
Last summer
Your last dance
To beat to your own drummer
Go out fighting
to break it

Breathe don't hold your breath
You might be next
So brace yourself
Live for today
It's on its way
So brace yourself

Now reach down
on every door
With a homemade remedy to loosen every tongue

How many bites do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace for the explosion
Wild is for the open

Spent the night on a riverside
Trying to recall my name
Head full of pins, I'm sinking in
on again 
Brace yourself 
With all that you have 
And oh, I'm in love again 
Brace yourself 

So you feel everything and everything should be
We brace for the crash

We were in love once
Have you forgotten?
Like a runaway train
Bearing down upon a gap

We built the bridges (brace for
brace on me
I never doubt your possibilities
Please let go of my sleeve

Smooth stones behind me
Cold air surrounds
Soft and savory
You can take me
In comatose I lose control

Brace for, all those nights you dream of death
Brace for, those dreams you will regret

Comatose embracing me
unless we have to swim

Hold you tongue, brace yourself
Give me a kiss show me what I miss

Can I find a phone can I drop a dime
Can I get a loan,
worship in surrender
I feel Heaven drawing closer
As I lay down my defenses
Your love invades
And I brace for the impact

I am undone
Lost in Your
I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet
Put your braces together and your boots on your feet
And give me some of that old moonstomping
And white lies

Head down
Brace yourself
Here it comes

Head down
Brace yourself
Here it comes
blow myself away

I'm going out
I'm gonna drink myself to death
And in the crowd
I see you with someone else
I brace myself
'Cause I know it's
Everything is still with me
And it's always now

So brace your heart
Save yourself some sanity
It's more than just a memory
And it's always now
Send your dark salute.
Lend your lung, hero.
See I'm not the one to hear and sell.
To take and sell.
The only one around.
The only one around.
won't get, anywhere
If we don't get, up and get out of here

Oh coming on strong
Oh coming along

Brace for the fresh air, come back to life if you
should have said, "I can't come"
There's a girl with braces,
Standing by the punch bowl and she's making funny faces
I guess she wants to dance

That's a brace boy


That's a brace little man

Break it down!

D Generation X!

D Generation

You think you can tell me what to do?
the walls to close in
I just brace myself for the winds to change their ways
In the eye of the storm I'm making my stand

Whistle blow down spirit, you're
the Savior is born Christ the Savior is born
Silent night holy night son of God love's pure light
Redeems from Thy holy face with the dawn of redeem we brace

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