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M-BraceJanet Brace 


chairs, rubber dinghies, 
Old vests, braces dangling down,
A suntanned stranded starfish in a daze.

I'm going up the 'Pool 
From down the smoke below
She was my height, my weight, my size, with braces and blue jeans. 
She was my Skinhead girl, yes she was my skinhead girl. 

I make up my mind, I'm
cut clouds,
The trees, they need braces

and wherever I sit down,
A parking meter springs up,
Earth is colddddddd
And it's almost juneee.

I've come for your brother he said pointin' to the fields

Blazing now flames of blue
Brace yourself I will take him from you

His face was
you're living your life your own way, in your...

Boots and braces, shaven-headed hoards
Boots and braces, fighting 'cause you're bored
every levy
Take 'em out
Here it comes are you ready?
Take 'em out

You better brace yourself
No one can save you now
You better brace yourself
and after
In an instant of great white gravity (gravity)
Hold tight, 'cause all is against me
Every cell in my body, brace,
Woah, and keep breathing,
And keep
lasts forever.

The earth is about to quake. The earth is about to quake. The earth is about to quake.
Brace for impact. Run for the hills. Brace for
of putting things aside
As if we'll come back to them sometime
A brace of hope 
A pride of innocence
And you would say something has gone wrong

You've been searching for signs now the truth has
State control

Theoretical illusory
Volunteer to the ultimate system of life
a crush I was a kiss
Before I was a got I was a wish

Brace yourself!

Before I was a word I was a sound
Before I was a sky I was a ground
Before I
for that?

Find a way to brace yourself
Your heart's a muscle and that's all
There's no way that love can help
Your twisted ankles when you fall
break through
It's too late for a revolution
Brace for the final solution

Thought contagion
Thought contagion

You've been bit by a true believer
Shoot to kill the wounded.
The calloused tongue.
My aim is precise.  Armed with my own failures. The cost of being you.
Brace yourself like a man.
I'll find him just the same

Brace yourself
Bow down to Nafaryus
Pray for help
Kneel before Nafaryus

He'll surrender on his own
If not,
It's time to taste what you most fear,
Your piss and shit won't save you here

Brace yourself, my dear.....
Brace yourself, my dear.....
docked in San Barbara
Tried to brace myself
You can't brace yourself
When the time comes
You just have to roll with the blast
And I'm
Anchored to the same old sore
Here is where I know I've been
Worn out
Draws me in
Brace myself
Pour out
I'm giving this up
I pace myself again
you'll see

I'm taken on the world
I'm taken on the world

Strike me out
Take a breath full of doubt
Spit back at the wall
Brace yourself for the backlash
And for a second or two
I thought it was you
Took a moment to catch my breath
Try to brace myself
Still don't have a clue
On how to leave your
it's down in New Orleans
Brace yourself baby I'm here to attack
Down at the place called the Chicken Schack

The girls at that place are mighty fine
I’ll give you it, I’m raising heavens
I’m improvising when it comes to my expense
Brace yourselves, gigantic rings cage
Fixed the hatches while
Have you heard the news
It's all over town
If you ain't heard it boys
You better sit down

I got the story here
It's hot off the press
Brace yourself

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