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A formar un hogar un Lugar
Tener un padre quien amar

Perdido en la realidad 
De no tener a un papa
I just cant belive 
That they did my mom like
Oh, say do you belive in what so proudly we hail?
Our bloodsplattered banner, steeped in misery and pain

Never back down, we claim our fate
Nothing be freeze in my mood something like this
I will be there sure you know that is sure again
İf you belive in my control ım gonna do this 
the best in me and i wonder 
I dont belive in small addictions
You can turn when the pressure is on and i wonder 
You play it safe when the stakes are low
of God
were moving on, were moving on
Standinfor Jesus Christ
we got His power inside
We belive in the word of God
and everything it says, its true
hand, our lives flashing by infront of me. 

Was so miss lead all the things you said. 
The dirty stuff, the dirty stuff.

I can't belive that, I
Walking, all around
Walking all around 

I feel i can belive in my self,
I feel i can do it on my way,
Im feeling creazy incredible today

Walking all
Your crawling my lines 
My eyes my veins everything took control 

I just cant belive it  Im walking with you yeah 
I just cant believe it I'm
of today
in store
believe in me and the creed
just be be-live
and i (pause)
believe in you
and its happening
to countdown
Is it de world??
and I
and I
I was blind

Can you hear her?

No, try to belive in this place for once
No, try to hold on this love for once
No, try to catch that
I wish I could do somethingbout my bad behavior
And start treating all you people like I know I should
I wish I could be good-and belive something
I song you on the Facebook, My eyes in tears 
I couldn´t belive what I saw, 
There were people who died
I´ve crying out why,
Do we all have a dark

This isn´t my song. 
I never wrote it,got to believe me,not my melody! 
This isn´t my song
This isn´t my song
I never wrote it,got to belive me,not
what I belive.

I just wanna talk
Go away and see some art.
I'm so sick of being stalked, 
why can't we just talk?

(Manipilated world,
will it ever
can´t add two and two, no matter how you try
I belive that me and you, learn to multiply
Hey dumb bunny you can´t bet
You gonna be the teachers pet!

I am not a man of god
I am not a man of satan
Just an ordinary man
raised up to belive
In a world of confusion
We are struggling through our days
again, oh yeah

I was told by my friends you would bet for me
That was your turn and you made me belive
Maybe in a sense, they were right, aha
But I got in
I was told by my friends you would bet for me
That was your turn and you made me belive
Maybe in a sense, they were right, oh no
But I got in return
my veins
Poison in my head
It’s inside my head
And it’s not a game

the pressure in my head
I must belive in the songs 
I have to play
この運命(さだめ) 受け入れる
傷つき朽ちるとしても My heart
一瞬も 譲れない
天に伸びてゆく 熱いこの想い
暗闇 突き破れ
揺るぎなく 立ち向かった果てに
雲ひとつない 未来が
待っていると信じてる We belive
紅い血潮から 生まれる感情
wanna belive...
Girl friend
愛している ただそれだけで
Girl friend
明日も君に 逢えると思ってた
君は Sur 僕は Groove
でも...Need your love
サイケな愛撫は 痛いくらいに
君は Sur 僕は Groove
don\'t wanna belive
what done to me
you see n should know that fell
about u Love u
also my best crew the true
told me that all
the women just
like a cold
So I'll start,my spirit free,I belive grounded
I went out and found it, the answer was right there
sometimes I wonder why I'm sitting here
少年の Dream
Belive Myself もっと
Burn With Passion
Go! Go! 仲間は方々
"We Keep Family Ties"
It's Finalize
Mr. Yankees スターダム

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