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crossed your line, but belive I'm guna. 

See every other girl I've been with, had their face all up in my business, so why with you I need to chase ya.
It's hard to belive in your luck of interest
To belive in your pure intention
To trust an ignoramus like you is to go nowhere!
Blind!!! I don't want
Everytime I thinking you babe , I realice that hurt girl
That I catch you through but grab these love that is an answer
And I belive that's an answer here for
And belive it or not, we be the ones setting the trap 
Listen to y'all shit. Then listen to our shit 
Ain't nothing y'all cowards could do, got this 
they would act a fool shawty
You know cam,chip,zay bo,d.c. was with me
Quinston,langston,ron and shandre was with me
Please belive College Park back
we gotta move!
But belive me all the black leaders have been silenced and most 
of the time it's been violent so if you choose to get in this war,
class man hold this man my machine broke from countin to much Cash Belive that haha
lo loco), tengo raperos lo mio es a ojo yo las azoto
Y les bajo el moco dale going on like that belive me
Primero dice no despues si y asi
(y asi)me
you was wrong, I never could belive that that was true 

You was with me forever, you could check my rest in peace tattoos 

See me and see and P
lo loco), tengo raperos lo mio es a ojo yo las azoto
Y les bajo el moco dale going on like that belive me
Primero dice no despues si y asi
(y asi)me
Tender is her name

No words so soft no needs fulfill the way she looks at me
I can't belive this life of ours will always always be
And Tender is
I'm acing ya
If you the young and I'm the cap
I can't belive no chasin ya
And with these jewels boy I can't feel my face
And I open up your top now
caan belive mi eye 

Mi caan believe di gal dem a guh the other way 
Mi never know Jamaica woulda have so much gay 
Mi caan believe di government dem
I'm never lonely 
Whenever you are in sight.
I love you

Darling, please belive me,
I'll give you my heart.
a fuck 
Little sister giving up the butt now, Dun don't wet that 
I want you to rest black, cause you better belive Noyd gon handle that 
'Cause when I
Real gone
Real gone

Well, you can say what you want
But you can't say it 'round here
'Cause they'll catch you and give you a whippin'
Well I belive I
of you 
Cant wait untill you with us 
We'll meet belive the mistle toe 
And say a merry christmas
[Chorus: x2]
Me guh suh den sex is not what it used to be, 
Belive me, it displease me 
Nuff a dem a walk like dem hot but 
When yuh connect di
the night

Oh yeah you know it's true
Yeah you yeah

When people say I'm from the underworld
Every kind of sin you best belive it girl
You come on over
That's where the Humpty nose goes when the doors close
I never love her slow though
I flow like I'm on No-Doz
You don't belive me but your ho knows
best belive it
And that way we can both take a trip
Oooh on the TLC tip

Now that's the one
I'm a natural born hustla,
See I ain't gota tell you,
You can see it,
Every ones a customa, and with a simple conversation, 
Ill make you belive it
Geto Boys
We gonna set this shit straight, belive that
Don't you wish sometimes you can be free
Free from incarceration
Free from
God has been protecting me(protecting me)
And that's how I got this far
Cause when you look at me you see an ANGEL
Can't belive I been throught half

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