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well don't wait
You can read about 'em
And you won't sleep without 
The pages of the magazine
But don't belive in all you read
You can't trust
can't believe
That you might believe I'll heal you
I can't believe
Tht you might belive I want to at all
That I want to at all
I see more green den the fish see sea weed

You say you seen more drugs den Dwayne Reid
But I don't belive you and nona ya people homey
You can
每一刻都精采万分,I do believe
Twinkely d Do you
Belive in a girl like me
Co Co is the one for you to be with
But when I'm caught all alone
I start fessingit's from a state of depression
the thing will be come
story let me say goodbye 
forget with me belive is
ture don't follow me because
everybody say no
so you do not cry and say
give we sour bacon

Real to di ting so we nah shake hand
Belive in God so we bun Satan
Light up the cotchie, hold a meditation
Up bobo hill coming like
plays on life
Till the day that you die...

Belive all you need to breathe 
But for me my god is me...
How do you wanna live?
Who do you wanna be? 
They tell everything will be better
Humans belive, still livin' in piece
While they still count cheddar
Buying the hottest cars, post up giant basis
the ladder, back to you 

Im gonna tell about the squad we live in peace love and bad thoughts
My friend and i belive a better world will come to fix all flaws
You said you'd do belive in me and I just had this funny feeling that we were meant to be
Breakfast in the morning confession and tea
Mingle with the crows I belive theres no retreat
From this land of darknes where I,ll spend a million
into our life 

Same old shit comes up again
Hits me in the head
Knocks me down my feet

All i do is watch You leave 
I cant even belive 
That this is
Oh, say do you belive in what so proudly we hail?
Our bloodsplattered banner, steeped in misery and pain

Never back down, we claim our fate
Nothing be freeze in my mood something like this
I will be there sure you know that is sure again
İf you belive in my control ım gonna do this 
not hear the scream.
You know.
I used to belive on those pictures of love too.
But all I see is they wait for a bright light, that never comes.
And I,
the best in me and i wonder 
I dont belive in small addictions
You can turn when the pressure is on and i wonder 
You play it safe when the stakes are low
to be there for you, belive that, but when i get too close,
I get burned by fire in your words. 

Cause Im just a stranger to your lovin, 
Im just
Everyone's just trying to get along 
Make sure everyone knows the song you put on

Probably shouldn't have even have come
Would you belive me if I said I've
of God
were moving on, were moving on
Standinfor Jesus Christ
we got His power inside
We belive in the word of God
and everything it says, its true
The world can be a dark place with pain and with war
But I'll never stop belive in you and the love and hte warmth

But I'm not burning, I'm on fire
If you
hand, our lives flashing by infront of me. 

Was so miss lead all the things you said. 
The dirty stuff, the dirty stuff.

I can't belive that, I
wont belive it


I got problems and these pills they gon solve em, 

she got questions she want answers i don't got em, 

she told me i change im
the Speakers
blowing out there mind
You can hear them night and day
Breakning the silence
On this beautiful day
People coming from everywhere
You won´t belive it

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