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Phone Calls from Ho…  


And I'm always running from the boys in blue
Biggie, blue's on my ass, pull out the cellular phone to call Bone
What's happenin'?
Grab artillery,
talkin' like a wizard through my cellular phone
Livin' life like a felony, weed and cologne, like'
Pacific heights, crushed ice
I do it like a haggler,
me and my alter ego against the world, it's just us
Ain't no one who textin' my cellular phone except sluts
Its clear there's a problem with me, so
nigga die tonight
And I'm always runnin from the boys in blue
Biggie booms on my ass now provide the cellular phone
The carphone, what's happenin
and a book, and a cellular phone,
And a personal computer in case something came up.
And I could eat, and I'd drink, and I'd run and I'd sleep,
And I
what l gotta do
So l up my pipe a nigga die tonight, and l'm
Always waiting for the boys in blue.
Biggie boots on my ass now go'n right the
ya cellular phone, girl let's get lost

Let's be, cut friends (cut friends)
You and I (on the low)
La-da-da (creepin', cheatin')
(Can we play
loot, no jobs, and plus a high renter
Cellular phone to check the Pac Bell message center,
Which she does too much, and I'm really not with it
can't hide
Betta use your cellular I tapped your phone line
Its the ginger bread man, hoe catch me if you can
My kangol makes me look like MC Shan
All the above we do all the etcetera
Scared of the feds, had to switch up my cellular
He talking reckless don't call me back ever
Passing thru
with a girlie sure beats a cell
Hit the boulevard in my A.M.G
Ho's catching whiplash, trying to glimpse the T
Ring on my mobile yes cellular
Two different schedules
Phone talking pon di cellular
Someting in the back ah mih mind, side ah mih medulla
Tell me say dah lifestyle yah nuh fit
Man I'm all about my bitch, she ain't into you
'Cause she know she similar to me, she ain't down with no interviews
Ohh, ohh, ohh
Check the phone
Fuck is y'all on?
Wait up, hold on
Somebody callin' my phone
Hand me my cellular
Talkin' to your girl, yeah, I'm talking to your lady
She know
in do you
Know what I've seen

The triumphalist and narcissist are joined ear
And hip and phone
They're worshiping their chrome
Carve up-sell off
Start making phone with counters

Warning to cellular makers
Toxic materializers
Useless batteries high numbers
Recycling out the picture
to define you
'Cause what would you demand?
When everybody out to define you without a circumstance

Anybody got Harry Styles' phone number?
Okay, I
Now, I don't give a fuck who the hell you are
Please stop shouting in you cellular
I never asked to be part of your day
So please stop shouting in
the radio 
Si mi pon the telli 
(sound of a cellular ringing) ring off mi cellie 
Guess which gal wah mi DJ accapele 
the radio 
Si mi pon the telli 
(sound of a cellular ringing) ring off mi cellie 
Guess which gal wah mi DJ accapele 
was a bride...


He emerged from his office on an f note
Portable phone still in hand
She had been waiting in the lobby a lot lately
face on my cellular, uh
I put out hit after hit
Don't you mean I'm just the master? Sheesh
Look at the way that I leveled up, yeah
These other niggas
friend for me! 
{he comes back on the phone} 
I'm back, baby, sorry 'bout that thing 
But my boys let me know I was next on the cellular game 
But anyway,
coming in at two
(I'm telling you
Now she was so upset she asked me to stay with her)
Well why didn't your ass just pick up the phone and call me
(I was

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