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Phone Calls from Ho…  


Ring me up
On my Cellular Phone
So I know I'm not alone
In a world full of vampires
Come on darling
Talk me down
On that Cellular Phone
Because I
were on the way

You're a back stabbing Hollywood pimp
Microphone, silver tone, cellular phone
We know that you're working for the devil
Bitch slap,
cellular phone
He's a high-tech redneck...
He's a high-tech redneck...
time in the summertime
Flying picnic blanket in the summer groove

No interruptions we're all alone
Cause I don't have my cellular phone
Sweatin your
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donana phone
It grows in bunches, I've got my hunches
It's the best! Beats the rest
Cellular, modular,
You can hardly hear the cellular phone
You feel stress, you need a rest
Too many things you've got to get off your chest
To be free to get some peace
banana phone
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donana phone
It grows in bunches, I've got my hunches
It's the best! Beats the rest
Cellular, modular,
Young youths just a plant up their med ...
put on tight pants, act like badman
Kill a brother for a cellular phone
Kill a brother for a 10$ bill
I liked you
Give you my number to my cellular phone
Play my cards right, will you take me home?

Girl, you will never meet a gangsta like me
We can do
i've ever been a lover
and that's not saying much
but i'm not saying much today

in this cellular age phone sex is too expensive
not as handsome
When my parents were teenagers
No Macs, no clones,
no cellular phones
When my parents were teenagers
Back then they would simply
drive their big ol'
I like my summer home
Love my yuppie job
Got a cellular phone in my brand new Saab
I love my wife and my girlfriend too
I just love myself
Trying to come home, home
Caught you on my caller i.d.
Remember so you can chase after me
Why you keep blowing my cellular phone
You're tyring
there's a pick-up
A girl puttin' on her make-up
Her cellular phone's startin' to break up
She's gettin' slapped around by the hands of time
call your cellular phone to tell you TV night was lonely without you
And so am I, so am I

It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year
So many high
can quake and roll and moan
29 gypsies in a Cadillac stoned
Turn off the ringer on your cellular phone
Whip the air like a Rainbow Trout
Drag your
we at the airport
Like ladybirds in July
Just like back home
I wish that you were here
If I had a cellular phone
I'd drown it in my beer
I was once
I trying to know what's going on
Echoes on my cellular phone
I know this couple I don't missing
Could it be the feds still listening
See I got
He was killed by a cellular phone explosion
They scattered his ashes across the ocean
The water was used to make baby lotion
The wheels
a little space
But then I found pictures on her cellular phone,
of them doing things, when I wasn't home
It hit me like a brick, I guess I should have
you on your cellular phone
There's no way you can hide the won't leave you alone
Cd-rom to Dvd, vinyl Lp to mp3
Welcome to the computer age
You've got
Escapin the situation,
im outta the trap zone, (trap zone)
the ringers turned off on my, cellular phone (cellular phne)
the interm wants
bet you I make it someday

Well I wish that I was the man with the clipboard
Sittin' in the shade with an RC cola
Makin' calls on the cellular phone
My Posse's on Broadway 2x's

Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home
In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
I'm callin up my posse

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