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by a burning sky
I can run away but there's nowhere to hide
I'll be running 'til the day I die

Well there's a civil war that's raging
Raging in
you, thank heaven for you)
I'm a studio rat, designer geared, Toronto kid, Hollywood brat
Bad gal, war child, bookworm, Sierra Leone activist cat
The young and the old dog aren't having their day. 

This civil war, why are we in it? 
There's nobody on this flat earth, would ever want
Listen to us
We don't want to be fodder in America's war

American tradition, US leaders love their war
In the name of peace
the time on Forty second street 

They burned the churches up in Harlem
Like in that Spanish civil war
The flames were everywhere
But no one really
from the train

Woo oo baby!
Woo oo you're my baby now!

A civil war vet went to see if he could get a bit of timber for a new barn
The number 4
precious time to fill
A few gravestones, a pre-civil war fence and the random arrowhead
Where the beehive swarmed three summers ago too wet the old men
I'm proud to be American
The ones who dropped the bomb
If we invade your country
It won't take us too long
The liberals think I'm crazy
the civilians killed

And our own losses
Playing world police to withhold, the integrity of the American dream
Any war that isn't fought for the people, is
you can do for your country
what's your country been doing to your mind?"

It's the American in me says it an honor to die
in a war that's just
How could there be this war in me?
How could there be this warfare in my mind?
Bloodthirsty and kind at the same time

Civil lies
My disguise
land right where the Civil War was fought
And it's never been forgotten
It's twenty miles to the interstate
There's a Burger King and a Motel Eight
There's a thousand faces, I ain't seen before
The only history that I can see is from a civil war
It's good for me to look around
And go down roads she
talked bout' the war,
Thought you were superman,
American born simple man,
With a southern draw

You walk the walk,
Talk the talk,

You still
Put terror in America every day
Don't play by the rules of society
It's time to start a war against the nation
Sabotage and overthrow the power

They burned the churches down in Harlem
Like in that Spanish civil war
The flames were everywhere
But no one really cared
It always burned up there
Yeah I am the astro
Creep a demolition
Style hell American
Freak yeah - I am the
Crawling dead - a
Phantom in a box
Shadow in your
Head say
four black American brothers 
The one percent wealthy profiteering 
From the business that is war 
Yeah,go to war 

God is watching us play our
civil war history my heart skipped a beat
She was standing on fiction stretched high on bare feet 

Love in the library, quiet and cool
Love in
"Don't gimme that ethical @#%$." 
I've got exclusive, explicit images to present to impressionable American kids, 
And it's time to show this world how
and to a lesser extent 
Britain and Italy 
Were lifted out of the debris Of war by the Americans 

Who poured in billions of dollars 
And forgave other
Every morning I get up and I watch the war, watch the warAnd every morning it upstages all my favorite shows--Donahue, Hogan's Heroes(chorus:)It's
to anarchy, into civil war
To destroy the kingdom is my one great will, this will be for real


[SOLO Both]


Maybe like a polecat like a cannon
You'll be praying for days like the nuts and bolts
Like the uniforms that they wore in the civil war

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