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Refrigerated alligators 
Faces of the civil wars, and holograms holding 44's 
After the deranged cowboys 
Bring out the banners of Stalingrad 
Here come
to war. The sleeve of his flight jacket had an American flag. I guess that's what Ronnny Reagan meant when he said the best offense is a good defense. Do
But Canada's not what she used to be
Boycott the war
Well she could not afford to
Thanks to the new American queen

Swim with me and we'll escape
The puppet rulers were given billions of US tax dollars 
to fund civil wars, right wing death squads, 
execute political dissidents, sympathetic clergy
so little difference, if your senses come around 

How many cells did you dismiss 
Casualties of civil war 
The explanations on your lips 
be no right or wrong.
And we won't sing no victory song.
For a ntion that was torn
In a lovers civil war


So is
I am the astro-
Creep a demolition
Style hell American
Freak I am the
Crawling dead a
Phantom in a box
Shadow in your
Head say acid
met in barns and in out of the way places
To scheme all night on how to get the rent

What do you wear for civil war in 1844
In upstate New York?
growing down instead of growing up
(You gotta ooo ah ah like a panther)
Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
(Na na na)

Civil rights, civil war
Task force dirty soul of an American institution
Cold War military build-up made money for your crown
Killing and burning, destroying, overturning
can sign your name.
Kids come across as solemn and lost, I know old men evoke last wars and holocausts.
German kids, Croatian kids just like American
the war of the Golf, war in the GULF
War in the GULF, crisis of the GULF, we say!!
Release Kuwait
Release Kuwait
Release Kuwait
Release Kuwait
I would
the same struggle ringing in our ears as civil's definition blurs across the page. fifty years since miss brown showed the world that the power of change can
Now we move on, we move on a bit in time. 
Not much, but a little. 
We are now in Paris at the end of the Second World War, 
And the allies have
My great great Grandfather
Prospected for gold
In the wilds of Alaska
In the Yukon cold

My great Grandfather
Fought the Civil War
On the side
shoot straight but we aim to please

Did a job in Georgia, money in advance
Fingers through the post with chilling nonchalanche
I've seen some civil
Hearing of great civil war
Saxons to Britain did pour

From the North and the East
Arthur's knights' death to feast
The last battle soon to be lost.
the thorn is stuck
In the side of the body
Watch it self-destruct
The enemy is much ignored 
When we fight this Christian civil war

Let me pause
Down to the river where they caught a wild alligator

Sangamon River it overflowed
It caused a mudslide on the banks of the operator
Civil War
Who dreams of war and sacrifice?
Our sacred realms are being squeezed curtailing civil liberties
Recruit the dreams that sing to thee let freedom ring
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight 

I've got my clipboard, text books
Lead me to the station
Yeah, I'm off to the civil war
who'll start the war
American leaders
Who'll start the war
Who'll be a cowboy
What's the missiles for
Can, and by coincidence we love 
The elected until the detected of being human
American falls, minorities lose war
But if we unite we would have won
I'm just a typical American from a typical American town
I believe in God and Senator Todd and a-keeping old Castro down
And when it came my time

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