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Four decades ago a young man left Mississippi
To fight the war in Vietnam...
Did two tours and got shot received the metal of honor
When he got home
down I'm busted to the ground.

Kid's gettin' tough,
It's like a civil war, a proper war,
You better keep your ass behind that solid door.
I think they made themselves perfectly clear.

Blood on the carpet
Mud on the mattress
Waking up with that American sadness.
Dead receptors.
Battle ships crowd the sea
Sixteen years old in the army
Our jails are filled to the max
Discrimination against the blacks

Russians and Americans war
drug war full of hypocrisy
The banning of 2 live crew
They'll probably put 2 live crew in there, too
A museum of stupidity, oh yeah

One day there'll be
The FEMA plans to imprison American citizens have generated
A lot of interest around the country
In locating the potential prison camps throughout
Four decades ago an man left Mississippi
To fight the war in Vietnam 
Did two tours and got shot received the metal of honor
When he got home he
around since the civil war 
I had a feelin' that I'd been here before 

I heard a voice, it was talkin' real slow 
She said it's time to make a choice,
of war, we still fight for our civil rights
To be equal citizens with equal opportunity
Equal chance to advance and uplift our communities
But instead we
Ima Time Bomb
Civil War I'm Front Line My Mind Like Sherman
My Gat Like Ulysses Grant Them Bullets Keep Burnin
My Family Get Sick Of Me The Lessons I
I Shoot Get My Grind On
Vietnam War In The Car Glock Nine Home
World War Iii Up In Me Ima Time Bomb
Civil War I'm Front Line My Mind Like Sherman
civil war
I'm gonna surrender 'cause I've had enough
If this is your idea of playing it rough
When all this is over I'll get the blame
For allowing
Proud and free, that's American to me
Symptomatically and so basically
It's so definite, freedom is all of it
No humanity without restraint

Now a bridge is the word for the war getting underway
But you can't if you won't, and you could, but you don't want to stay
And the American mind in
Johnny came home in '67 to a little bit less than a hero's welcome
Guns of war ringing in his head I wonder what he must have thought

Johnny was
How Each Laid Claim, It's Written In Our Country's Name!

Travel into another country and you'll find
Americans aren't looked on so kind
This country was founded upon common need
Now the foundation is
Being here in America doesn't make you an American
Being born here in America doesn't make you an American
Why if birth made you an American you
the Civil War
You looked so good I didn't care
What side you're fighting for

It wasn't all that easy
When you up and walked away
But I'll save that little
presidents whim
I don't want to be a part of a war no one can win

You're welcome here Americans
We love you but not your bombs
Welcome here Americans
We love
know in an instant I could lose everything I'm working toward.

I know I'll win my battles
though I fear we'll lose the war to the new American way.
American soil I hope for at best
But the duty I serve can't begin to compare
To my ancestors battles and wars throught the years
Though the loneliness
Mary steers clear of the men from space
Back alley kid with an American face
She wants the wine
He brings a case
To carry them on through
Would really mean a lot. 
She was the last look at an American girl 
That some boys ever got. 

Sister soldier, sister soldier, 
She served

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