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Rain began to fall softly
As she gazed around the room
Even now she wondered what went wrong
A letter in her hand trembled
As she placed it by
and trembled 
When lo, above the earth 
Rang out the angel chorus 
That hailed our Saviour's birth! 
*chorus*Down in a lonely manger 
The humble Christ was
O come on guy, O come on, you were born red-eyed and screaming,

You mother was beaming, she trembled,
And dabbed your eyes with mercury
the butcher's boy
He trembled in his hand and voice

The devil had a hold of me
The devil had a hold of me
The others knew to let him be
But the devil had
the windows of the heavens, spoke one word and the oil wouldn't boil. He raised his hand, creation trembled, stamped his feet and time stood still, raised his
you've done

Tell the universe what you took
While the heavens trembled and the mountains shook
All those lives not worth a second look
the desert, my friends stared in pure disbelief 

Amanda was kneeling beside the dead cowboy plainly expressing her grief 
And as I bowed my head a trembled
Touch me and hold me
And keep me from blowing away

There's times when I trembled
When my mind remembered
The days that just crumbled away
bedroom trembled around me
This ramshackle voice over attack of a blues beat
And a girl, on the excitement gang

And this was the sound of the very last
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born

Shepherds feared and trembled
When low above the earth
Rang out the angel chorus
you still.

You remember when.
You said I'd always be your man.
How you reached out for my hand.
Your fingers trembled.
How your daddy hated me.
inside here
Triggers paradise
She rides the beast until the heavens trembled

Forcing eclipse, her lover licks her blood
That drips upon the sand
It was backstage in Moscow late one night
We shared a cigarette, a kiss goodbye
Her name was Cayenne, so young and soft
Her hands trembled badly,
The world got dark, a earthquake 
trembled the underneath of the feet of pedestrians
Rain, drops fire and snowflakes
Destroy homes that contain the mad
her glisting body on mine

We stayed locked in love
In leaves of green and gold
She touched, I trembled, we kissed
I poured the contents of my aching
at least was as wise, for he told of the battles to come; and we trembled with dread when he rolled up his eyes, and we heeded the shake of his thumb. Though
Rain began to fall softly as she gazed around the room.
Even now she wondered what went wrong.
A letter in her hand trembled as she placed it by
Rain began to fall softly
As she gazed around the room
Even now she wondered what went wrong
A letter in her hand trembled
As she placed it by
So did you think that maybe I'd refuse
Or did you know I'd fall for you
You made a pass, I trembled in my shoes
It's a fairytale
break thru
i surrender to you

when i first met you i tried not to let you get near
i tried to resist but oo when you kissed me
imy body trembled
A'took the foot bridge, way 'cross the water
Though she weighed two-ninety nine.
The old bridge trembled and disassembled
(Oops!) dumped her into
in the dark like a child

To another land and then
To another land again
Trembled in silence
Lacking in guidance
I ran with a terrible speed
Octagon sided summer sun blinded my eyes
Though overwhelming curiosity itched in me
Exhausted arms trembled and touched a tree
Familiar senses
and the DJs were drawing near
Our whole band shook & trembled, we were going to be disassembled
Then Karoke surprise attacked, it was like getting shot in

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