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George Glenn Jones (born September 12, 1931) is an American country music singer known for his long list of hit records, his distinctive voice and phrasing, and his marriage to Tammy Wynette.

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Ten Classic LPs [2018]

Why Baby Why2:17
Seasons of My Heart2:56
Hold Everything1:50
Boat of Life2:04
You Gotta Be My Baby2:25
What Am I Worth2:30
Ragged But Right2:20
Yearning (To Kiss You)2:44
Too Much Water2:14
Don't Stop the Music2:15
You Never Thought2:45
Take the Devil Out of Me2:41
All I Want to Do2:10
Will the Circle Be Unbroken2:23
My Lord Has Called Me2:34
A Wandering Soul2:27
Cup of Loneliness2:37
White Lightning2:43
That's the Way I Feel1:50
Life to Go2:44
Don't Do This to Me2:10
You're Back Again2:45
No Use to Cry2:08
Nothing Can Stop Me2:23
Lonesome Life2:41
The Old Old House2:40
Everytime I Look at You2:00
Flame in My Heart2:31
Ain't It Funny What a Fool Will Do2:23
There's No Justice2:32
We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds2:42
I Can't Change Overnight2:32
Tarnished Angel2:17
The Last Town I Painted2:16
Relief Is Just a Swallow Away2:19
Into My Arms Again2:04
Mr. Fool2:25
Glad to Let Her Go2:18
Revenooer Man2:32
Eskimo Pie2:27
Tall Tall Trees2:23
If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)1:57
Big Harlan Taylor2:00
Let's Invite Them Over2:09
Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last2:34
I Let You Go2:37
Multiply the Heartaches2:21
Until Then2:34
Don't Go2:20
There's a Friend in the Way2:06
It Scares Me Half to Death2:39
When Your House Is Not a Home2:27
I'm Just Blue Enough2:20
We Could2:27
Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)2:36
Where Did the Sunshine Go?2:43
Making the Rounds2:20
Just When I Needed You2:48
My Heart's Bouquet2:57
Book of Memories2:46
I'm Gonna Change Everything2:18
The Race Is On2:05
Least of All2:33
I've Been Known to Cry2:17
Loves Gonna Live Here2:13
Holiday for Love2:02
She's Mine2:42
Where Does a Little Tear Come From2:34
A New Baby for Christmas2:20
Treasure of Love2:21
I Gotta Talk to Your Heart2:21
House of Gold2:29
When My Heart Hurts No More2:04
Hearts in My Dream2:32
Color of the Blues2:48
Singin' the Blues1:56
You Comb Her Hair2:41
My Tears Are Overdue2:29
World's Worst Loser2:39
Not What I Had in Mind2:24
Brown to Blue2:36
Wrong Number2:29

70s U.S. Playlist [2017]

The Grand Tour3:08

HMV 1962 [2017]

She Thinks I Still Care2:40

Only the Brave [2017]

We're Gonna Hold On2:56

The Complete Collection: 1960-1962 [2016]

One Is a Lonely Number2:32
Maybe Little Baby2:03
Run Boy2:15
I'm a One Woman Man1:51
Heartbroken Me2:39
I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night2:12
Cold, Cold Heart3:20
Nobody's Lonesome for Me2:10
Hey, Good Lookin'2:19
Howlin' at the Moon2:44
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight2:47
Half As Much2:20
Jambalaya (On the Bayou)2:11
Why Don't You Love Me?2:06
Honky Tonkin'2:03
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love You)2:24
Settin' the Woods on Fire2:10
Waltz of the Angels2:43
Looking Back to See2:07
Yearning (To Kiss You)2:14
If You Don't Somebody Else Will2:04
When Two Worlds Collide2:23
I Want to Be Where You're Gonna Be1:52
Baby You've Got What It Takes2:48
Heartaches by the Number2:36
I Love You Because2:51
If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)2:08
Talk to Me Lonesome Heart2:19
Poor Man's Riches1:58
I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)2:10
Oh Lonesome Me2:40
I Walk the Line2:13
Life to Go2:27
Window Up Above2:35
Just One More2:33
Someone's Watching Over You2:27
He Made Me Free2:39
Beacon in the Night1:52
Magic Valley2:19
Kneel at the Feet of Jesus2:03
Homecoming in Heaven2:31
My Cup Runneth Over2:42
Wedding Bells2:57
I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep2:13
I Just Don't Like This Kind of Living2:32
You Win Again2:28
I Could Never Be Ashamed of You2:24
You're Gonna Change2:13
Lonesome Whistle2:23
A House Without Love2:25
Your Cheating Heart2:30
They'll Never Take Her Love from Me2:30
Mansion on the Hill2:24
Take These Chains From My Heart2:24
Yes, I Know Why2:03
Wasted Words2:11
Heartbreak Hotel2:09
Go Away With Me1:45
No Money in This Deal2:18
Accidentally on Purpose2:25
Who Shot Sam2:22
Bubbles in My Beer2:21
Faded Love2:40
Roly Poly1:52
Trouble in Mind2:06
Take Me Back to Tulsa1:56
Time Changes Everything2:55
Worried Mind2:21
San Antonio Rose2:50
Steel Guitar Rag2:23
Peace in the Valley2:39
It's a Sin2:13
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes2:28
Give My Love to Rose3:03
The Same Sweet Girl2:39
Wings of a Dove2:04
A Little Bitty Tear1:52
Three's a Crowd2:21
What Am I Worth2:07
She Once Lived Here2:17
Open Pit Mine3:09
Beggar to a King2:40
She Thinks I Still Care2:34
Running Bear2:29
Best Guitar Picker2:43
Sometimes You Just Can't Win2:43
If You Believe2:10
Out of Control2:37
Family Bible3:02
Tender Years2:24
Battle of Love2:44
When MY Heart Hurts No More2:36
You're Still on My Mind2:38
Girl I Used to Know2:41
Big Fool of the Year2:29
Lonely Christmas Call2:28
My Mom and Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus)2:34

Country Music [2015]

White Lightning2:33

1961 [2013]

Louisiana Mama2:18

50 Rockin' Hits, Vol. 65 [2013]

Roly Poly1:50

Country Land [2013]

Right or Wrong2:56

Country Selection, Vol. 1 [2013]

Rock It2:12

Country Selection, Vol. 2 [2013]

Rock It2:16

Country Weepers [2013]

The Window Up Above2:39

Countrypolitan Classics: George Jones [2013]

The Selfishness in Man2:43
Take Me Back to Tulsa1:56
Lily of the Valley2:35
Once More2:18
Why Baby Why2:16
I Threw Away the Rose2:53
Love Bug2:00
Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last2:37
Don't Go2:22
Treasure of Love2:20
When the Grass Grows Over Me2:54
White Lightning2:49
Until Then2:31
She Thinks I Still Care2:38
Best Friends2:49
What Am I Worth2:32
Out of Control2:37
I Dreamed My Baby Came Home2:12
Who Shot Sam2:26
Saginaw Michigan2:51
Accidentally on Purpose2:26
Don't Stop the Music2:14
Wedding Bells2:55
Money to Burn2:37
I'll Fly Away1:15
Talk Back Tremblin' Lips2:36
Old Brush Arbors2:29
Take the World But Give Me Jesus2:45
Open Pit Mine3:08
Things Have Gone to Pieces2:54
If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)1:55
Flowers for Mama2:51
The Race Is On2:07
Just One More2:33
Color of the Blues2:52
World's Worst Loser2:04
Okie From Muskogee2:48
Y'all Come2:31
Mansion Over the Hilltop3:34
I've Got a New Heartache2:40
Walk Through This World With Me2:18
If My Heart Had Windows2:43
I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night2:12
House of Gold2:33
Multiply the Heartaches2:26
Time Changes Everything2:54
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You2:41
Am I That Easy to Forget2:05
Big Harlan Taylor2:03
King of the Road2:16
Blue Moon of Kentucky2:28
We Must Have Been out of Our Minds2:42
Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus2:11
That's All It Took2:28
Tall Tall Trees2:27
Tender Years2:26
The Unclouded Day2:50
Family Bible3:02
Cup of Loneliness2:24
Window Up Above2:36
A Good Year for the Roses3:37
Wreck on the Highway2:46
The Old Rugged Cross3:13
As Long as I Live2:23
Tarnished Angel2:30
Someday You'll Want Me to Want You2:28
Almost Persuaded2:59
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be2:25
A Lifetime to Regret2:45
Will the Circle Be Unbroken2:25
Big Job2:12
Lonely Street2:07

Old Yellow Moon [2013]

Here We Are3:17

The Best of Country [2013]

Window Up Above2:33

25 Country Greats [2012]

Tender Years 

Country Faithfuls [2012]

White Lightning2:45

Criminal Records [2012]

Life to Go2:27

Seven Classic Albums [2012]

Why Baby Why 
Seasons of My Heart 
Hold Everything 
Boat of Life 
You Gotta Be My Baby 
What Am I Worth 
Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was on the Right) 
I'm Ragged But I'm Right 
Yearning (To Kiss You) 
A Satisfied Mind 
Heartbreak Hotel 
Yes I Know Why 
Will the Circle Be Unbroken 
My Lord Has Called Me 
Take the Devil Out of Me 
A Wandering Soul 
Cup of Loneliness 
White Lightning 
I'm with the Wrong One 
That's the Way I Feel 
Life to Go 
Don't Do This to Me 
Give Away Girl 
You're Back Again 
No Use to Cry 
Nothing Can Stop Me 
Flame in My Heart 
Color of the Blues 
Treasure of Love 
Who Shot Sam 
Money to Burn 
Cold Cold Heart 
Hey Good Lookin' 
Howlin' at the Moon 
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 
Half As Much 
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) 
Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do) 
Honky Tonkin' 
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You) 
Settin' the Woods on Fire 
One Is a Lonely Number 
Maybe Little Baby 
Run Boy 
Heartbroken Me 
Big Harlan Taylor 
Accidentally on Purpose 
Sparkling Brown Eyes 
Out of Control 
Heartaches by the Number 
I Love You Because 
If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time) 
Talk to Me Lonesome Heart 
Poor Man's Riches 
I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) 
Oh Lonesome Me 
Window Up Above 
Just One More 
It's Been So Long Darling 
Nothing Can Stop My Love 
If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries) 
I Gotta Talk to Your Heart 
Tall Tall Trees 
Too Much Water 
Don't Stop the Music 
You Never Thought 
No Money in this Deal 

The Greatest: Duets [2012]

I Got Stripes2:18

A Real Cool Cat [2011]

Heartbroken Me2:39

Absolutely Rockabilly [2011]

Rock It2:11

Big Bopper [2011]

White Lightning 

Crazy Heart [2010]

Color of the Blues2:51

Hemingway's Whiskey [2010]

Small Y'all2:54

Pure...Country [2010]

The Grand Tour3:07

100% Country [2009]

Life to Go 

A Good Year for the Roses: The Complete Musicor Recordings, 1965-1971, Pt. 2 [2009]

As Long as I Live2:30
New Man in Town2:34
Beneath Still Waters2:39
The Green Grass Grows All Around1:50
I'll Sail My Ship Alone2:22
Possum Holler2:19
Between My House and Town2:31
Your Angel Steps out of Heaven2:16
When the Grass Grows Over Me2:50
Burn Another Honky Tonk Down2:34
My Mom and Santa Claus2:32
Lonely Christmas Call2:28
I Cried Myself Awake2:51
Heartaches and Hangovers2:14
Divorce or Destroy2:45
Milwaukee Here I Come2:36
She's Mine2:59
If Not for You3:02
The Race Is On2:06
I'll Share My World with You2:32
Where Grass Won't Grow3:15
Shoulder to Shoulder1:53
She's as Close as I Can Get2:46
I Know2:40
Papa's Wagon2:45
Never Grow Cold2:41
Mama Take Me Home2:54
Playing Possum2:16
I Just Got Tired of Being Poor2:23
Going Life's Way2:42
Okie from Muskogee2:44
Image of Me2:54
I Stayed Long Enough2:32
All I Have to Offer You Is Me3:06
Will You Visit Me on Sunday2:51
I'm Finally Over You2:21
Rosie Bokay2:47
These Hands2:51
Loving You Makes You Mine2:37
Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong2:25
A Good Year for the Roses3:11
A Day in the Life of a Fool2:15
I'll Follow You (Up to Our Cloud)2:38
You're Still on My Mind2:17
Open Pit Mine3:13
My Favorite Lies2:44
The Old, Old House2:40
There's No Justice2:32
They'll Never Take Her Love from Me2:40
Lifetime to Regret2:48
She's Lonesome Again2:39
You Gotta Be My Baby2:25
Wrong Number2:38
I Wouldn't Know About That2:11
Sometimes You Just Can't Win2:22
Right Won't Touch a Hand2:09
Wrapped Around Her Finger2:50
Fightin' Side of Me2:35
Come Sundown3:01
The Last One to Touch Me3:26
Saginaw Michigan2:51
Who'll Turn out the Lights2:42
Hello Darlin'2:56
Get Some Loving Done2:07

Walk Through This World with Me -- The Complete Musicor Recordings, 1965-1971: Pt. 1 [2009]

Don't You Ever Get Tired2:17
Let a Little Lovin' Come In2:20
Worst of Luck2:35
Even the Bad Times Are Good2:33
The Sea Between Our Hearts2:26
Things Have Gone to Pieces2:53
The Selfishness in Man2:44
Wearing My Heart Away2:28
Simply Divine2:44
The Lonely Know My Secret2:24
Flowers for Mama2:49
Along Came You2:35
Take Me2:46
Love Bug2:47
I Woke Up from Dreaming2:38
Till I Hear It from You2:31
Four-O-Thirty Three2:30
I'm Wasting Good Paper2:33
If You Won't Tell on Me (I Won't Tell on You)2:37
My Favorite Lies2:37
Feeling Single, Seeing Double2:11
Don't Think I Don't Love You2:07
I'm a People2:11
Old Brush Arbors2:29
Ship of Love2:26
Six Days on the Road2:29
Blue Side of Lonesome2:46
Once a Day2:25
Don't Be Angry2:47
Don't Let Me Cross Over2:31
I Don't Love You Anymore2:31
The Bridge Washed Out2:34
King of the Road2:24
World of Forgotten People2:22
If You Believe2:12
Talk Back Trembling Lips2:32
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be2:24
I'll Fly Away2:41
Long as We're Dreaming2:46
Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long2:41
Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves)2:06
From Here to the Door2:39
In Person2:32
Swinging Doors2:28
Developing My Pictures2:17
Walk Through This World with Me2:31
The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight2:36
There Goes My Everything2:38
Life Turned Her That Way2:29
Sweet Thang2:48
Almost Persuaded2:59
Soldier's Last Letter3:18
Am I That Easy to Forget2:05
That Heart Belongs to Me3:05
Lonely Street2:06
Seasons of My Heart2:11
We Must Have Been out of Our Minds2:36
Small Time Laboring Man2:35
Cup of Loneliness2:25
Wandering Soul2:34
When My Heart Hurts No More2:41
Poor Man's Riches2:01
Accidentally on Purpose2:36
Time Lock2:35
Tender Years2:27
Bringin' It Home2:37
The Old Rugged Cross2:54
Where the Soul Never Dies2:19
Take the World But Give Me Jesus2:39
The Unclouded Day2:48
Family Bible3:14
The Honky Tonk Downstairs2:32
I Can't Get There from Here2:28
Lookin' for My Feel Good2:17
Window Up Above2:42
White Lightnin'2:39
Treasure of Love2:20
Run 'Em Off1:54
Half of Me Is Gone2:41
Talk to Me Lonesome Heart2:41
She Thinks I Still Care2:45
Color of the Blues2:23
If My Heart Had Windows2:45
When Love Was Green2:16
Say It's Not You2:27
The Girl I Almost Knew2:47
I Threw Away the Rose2:54
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town2:38
Along Came You [Take 1][*]0:18
Along Came You [Take 2][*]2:18
Along Came You [Take 3][*]0:12
Along Came You [Take 4][*]1:16
Along Came You [Take 5][*]0:12
Along Came You [Take 6][*]0:42
Along Came You [Take 7][*]2:06
Along Came You [Take 8][*]0:19
Along Came You [Take 9][*]1:45
Along Came You [Take 10][*]1:54
Along Came You [Take 11][*]0:27
Along Came You [Take 12][*]1:47
Along Came You [Take 13][*]0:11
Along Came You [Take 14][*]1:41
Along Came You [Take 15][*]0:22
Along Came You [Take 16][*]0:08
Along Came You [Take 17][*]2:16
Along Came You [Take 18][*]1:40
Along Came You [Take 19][*]2:14
Take Me [Take 1 with String Overdub] [Take]2:43
Love Bug [Take 1][*]2:18
Love Bug [Take 2][*]2:46
Love Bug [Take 3][*]2:50
Love Bug [Take 4][*]1:18
Love Bug [Take 5][*]2:49
Love Bug [Take 6][*]1:11
Love Bug [Take 7][*]2:20
Love Bug [Take 8][*]2:07
Love Bug [Take 9][*]1:03

Y'all Come [2009]

Nothin' Can Stop My Love2:27

70s #1 Country Hits [2007]

Golden Ring3:02

All Country Dance [2007]

Billy B. Bad3:01

Best of Tearjerkers [2007]


Bring It On [2007]

Me and the Boys4:01

Pure BS [2007]

The Last Country Song3:23

She Thinks I Still Care: The Complete United Artists Recordings, 1962-1964 [Bear Family [2007]

She Thinks I Still Care2:34
Three's a Crowd2:20
Sometimes You Just Can't Win2:42
Running Bear2:29
She Once Lived Here2:17
Open Pit Mine3:09
Beggar to a King2:40
Best Guitar Picker2:42
What Am I Worth2:08
There's No Justice2:11
Peace in the Valley2:39
Bubbles in My Beer2:20
Faded Love2:40
Roly Poly1:52
Trouble in Mind2:07
Take Me Back to Tulsa1:54
The Warm Red Wine2:33
Time Changes Everything2:54
Worried Mind2:18
Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight2:22
San Antonio Rose2:47
Homecoming in Heaven2:28
My Cup Runneth Over2:42
Wandering Soul2:27
Magic Valley2:18
Kneel at the Feet of Jesus2:03
It's a Sin2:12
I Could Never Be Ashamed of You2:24
Yes I Know Why1:50
Give My Love to Rose3:04
The Same Sweet Girl2:40
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes2:28
Wings of a Dove2:03
A Little Bitty Tear1:50
Beacon in the Night1:50
He Made Me Free2:38
Someone's Watching Over You2:25
Mansion on the Hill2:24
Take These Chains from My Heart2:22
Wedding Bells2:56
I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep2:13
I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin'2:32
You Win Again2:28
You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)2:13
Lonesome Whistle2:23
A House Without Love2:26
Your Cheatin' Heart2:30
They'll Never Take Her Love from Me2:30
Steel Guitar Rag2:22
Lonesome Life2:39
Big Fool of the Year2:29
Not What I Had in Mind2:40
Lonely Christmas Call2:25
My Mom and Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus)2:32
Wrong Number2:34
The Old Old House2:29
I Can't Change Overnight2:31
World's Worst Loser2:39
Every Time I Look at You2:07
Seasons of My Heart2:50
Ain't It Funny What a Fool Will Do2:22
You Comb Her Hair2:41
She's Lonesome Again2:10
Lonesome Old Town2:12
I'll Never Let Go of You2:20
Jonesy [Instrumental]2:05
Forgive Me Now2:17
You Done Me Wrong2:05
Color of the Blues2:50
Cuttin' a Rug [Instrumental]1:58
A Real Close Friend2:45
I Won't Love You Anymore2:22
Ragged But Right2:16
It Scares Me Half to Death2:38
A Rose from a Bride's Bouquet2:42
When Your House Is Not a Home2:27
I'm Just Blue Enough2:20
Just When I Needed You2:48
My Heart's Bouquet2:55
We Could2:28
Take Me as I Am2:34
Where Did the Sunshine Go2:43
Making the Rounds2:21
Let's Invite Them Over2:11
What's in Our Hearts2:41
Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last2:36
I Let You Go2:39
Multiply the Heartaches2:22
Don't Go2:22
There's a Friend in the Way2:08
She's My Mother2:41
The Race Is On2:07
Flame in My Heart2:30
We Must Have Been out of Our Minds2:38
Until Then2:37
Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was on the Right)2:15
My Tears Are Overdue2:28
I Get Lonely in a Hurry2:27
Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus2:19
I'll Be There to Welcome You Home2:06
Blue Moon of Kentucky2:27
House of Gold2:32
I Can't Get Over You2:15
Dixieland for Me2:05
Once More2:19
I'd Jump the Mississippi2:19
Please Be My Love2:31
Brown to Blue2:41
Where Does a Little Tear Come From2:35
Gonna Have a Little Talk with You Friend2:12
I've Been Known to Cry2:19
Book of Memories2:45
Holiday for Love2:00
Love's Gonna Live Here2:15
She's Mine2:41
I'm Gonna Change Everything2:22
Least of All2:34

Tammy Wynette [#2] [2007]

Golden Ring3:03

The Chain [2007]

He Thinks I Still Care3:43

Vol. 4 Country Legends [2007]

Why Baby Why2:14

7th Heaven [2006]

I'll Fly Away2:59

Best of Country Songs [2006]


Country Christmas [2006]

Joy to the World1:52

Great Country Duets [2006]

Golden Ring 

Redneck Rebels [2006]

White Lightning2:32

Texas Hold 'em Poker [2006]

You Win Again2:29

True Rock 'N' Roll [2006]

White Lightning2:45

Urban Cowboys [2006]

Radio Lover 

Country Barbeque [2005]

Swinging Doors2:35

Essentiel Country [2005]

Here We Are 

Hee Haw Country [2005]

The Grand Tour3:09

Roots of Country Music [2005]

Tender Years2:34

25 Country Classics [2004]

Race Is On 

40 #1 Hits [2004]

Yesterday's Wine3:15

Classic Country [2004]

White Lightning2:46

Hit Country [2004]

The Race Is On 

King of the Road [2004]

Swinging Doors2:27

Lyin' & Cheatin' [2004]

Lonely Street2:06

Nashville Honky Tonk [2004]

Once a Day2:23

The Essential Tammy Wynette [2004]

Take Me2:21

Truckin' [2004]

Lonely Street2:07