Great Country Legends [Castle] Album

Various Artists

About Great Country Legends [Castle]

This Great Country Legends [Castle] album was released in 2002 and featured titles like Ring of Fire [Live], Big River [Live] and A Boy Named Sue [Live] from Great Country Legends and Johnny Cash.
11Great Country Legends2:53 
12Johnny Cash2:29 
13Johnny Cash3:36 
14Johnny Cash3:38 
Rock Island Line [Live]
Great Country Legends2:24 
16Johnny Cash, Great Country Legends2:37 
17Johnny Cash2:48 
18Johnny Cash2:43 
19Johnny Cash, Great Country Legends1:53 
110Johnny Cash, Great Country Legends2:40 
111Johnny Cash2:40 
112Johnny Cash1:54 
113Johnny Cash2:46 
114Johnny Cash2:13 
115Johnny Cash, Great Country Legends4:01 
116Great Country Legends3:46 
117Johnny Cash, Great Country Legends2:02 
120Great Country Legends2:51 
221Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline2:35 
222Patsy Cline2:35 
223Patsy Cline2:36 
224Patsy Cline2:07 
225Patsy Cline2:30 
226Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline3:04 
227Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline2:15 
228Patsy Cline2:32 
230Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline2:22 
231Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline2:18 
232Patsy Cline2:32 
233Patsy Cline2:53 
234Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline2:12 
235Patsy Cline2:35 
236Patsy Cline2:38 
237Great Country Legends, Patsy Cline3:11 
240Patsy Cline2:30 
319Johnny Cash2:41 
341Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends1:59 
342Jim Reeves1:51 
343Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends2:31 
345Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends1:59 
346Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends1:42 
349Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends1:41 
350Jim Reeves2:13 
351Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends2:16 
352Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends2:44 
353Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends2:01 
355Jim Reeves2:03 
356Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends1:44 
357Jim Reeves2:09 
359Jim Reeves1:45 
360Jim Reeves, Great Country Legends2:20 
462Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:29 
463Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:14 
464Don Williams2:50 
466Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers3:27 
468Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:34 
469Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:27 
470Don Williams3:53 
471Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers3:00 
472Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:56 
475Don Williams, The Pozo-Seco Singers2:22 
477Don Williams1:29 
538Patsy Cline2:47 
579Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, Great Country Legends, The Drifting Cowboys0:57 
581Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys3:00 
583Great Country Legends3:43 
584Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys2:34 
585Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys3:06 
587Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys, Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys2:53 
588Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, Great Country Legends, The Drifting Cowboys2:32 
590Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys1:47 
591Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, Great Country Legends, The Drifting Cowboys2:31 
592Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, Great Country Legends, The Drifting Cowboys1:51 
593Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys2:42 
594Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys3:34 
595Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys2:14 
596Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys0:43 
697George Jones, Great Country Legends3:08 
698George Jones, Great Country Legends2:28 
699George Jones2:47 
6101George Jones, Great Country Legends2:34 
6102George Jones2:04 
6103George Jones2:13 
6104George Jones2:47 
6106George Jones, Great Country Legends1:58 
6107George Jones, Great Country Legends2:31 
6108George Jones, Great Country Legends2:21 
6109George Jones3:00 
6110George Jones, Great Country Legends2:10 
6111George Jones, Melba Montgomery, Great Country Legends2:35 
6113George Jones2:34 
6114George Jones2:44 
6115George Jones2:45 
6116George Jones2:46 
7117Merle Haggard2:34 
7118Merle Haggard, Great Country Legends3:51 
7119Merle Haggard4:01 
7120Merle Haggard, Great Country Legends2:44 
7121Merle Haggard3:33 
7122Great Country Legends2:13 
7125Merle Haggard4:12 
7126Merle Haggard, Great Country Legends4:08 
7129Merle Haggard, Great Country Legends2:40 
Bill Cheatham [Live][Instrumental]
Great Country Legends2:38 
7132Merle Haggard, Great Country Legends1:21 
8134Willie Nelson2:15 
8137Willie Nelson3:29 
8138Willie Nelson, Great Country Legends5:16 
8139Willie Nelson3:35 
8140Willie Nelson3:36 
8143Willie Nelson3:06 
8145Willie Nelson1:36 
8146Willie Nelson3:07 
8147Willie Nelson3:37 
8148Willie Nelson, Great Country Legends2:50 
9156Great Country Legends, Tammy Wynette2:27 
9157Tammy Wynette1:19 
9158Great Country Legends, Tammy Wynette2:58 
9160Tammy Wynette3:18 
10112George Jones3:01 
10161Kenny Rogers2:50 
10162Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:25 
10164Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers2:25 
10165Kenny Rogers2:40 
10166Kenny Rogers3:06 
10167Kenny Rogers4:12 
10168Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:41 
10169Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:58 
10170Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers2:38 
10171Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:23 
10172Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers2:26 
10173Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers4:08 
10175Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:19 
10176Kenny Rogers3:14 
10177Great Country Legends, Kenny Rogers3:26 

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