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Coming down the Cades on a horse
With a cask in the back so I don't get bored
I found myself an old rutted road
Of course the trail's been tracked by
liked me
And they chose to never meet me
Ya mom tracked ya location
Making sure you never see me
But you kept on coming over
Cause the D i give so
time to react
Syndicates tracked us down, and they left me for dead
I had to make a choice, there is not going back 
Infiltrate their compound, then I

We tracked two sets
Of footprints to a cedar tree
Under it was and old fire
my money fast
Hopped on the money train
I get the money tracked
Bad bitch, I broke her back
Like laundry, I folded that
My heart? No hoe in that
the backend go get it back
Feel like Ray Lewis when I get the sack
I got the drop on his spot he tracked!
Lone wolf but I
for my girls' b***h you will get slapped
So back up
Put your wig on
Act up
Money in my hand all packed, it's stacked up
Gassed up
Yeah I stay tracked up
Pirate protection in a password, feeling tracked down 

Our history 
And dynasty 
Our ancestry 
Delete me
ya count on me, im cracked 

Hacked hacked! My account's  hacked! 
I speak my truth, n my password's tracked 
Freedom of speech is a deadly disease
call you rain
Running like a sprint tracked an filed yo click 
Got dat radar senseeeee! 
Y'all insane 
Show my love when I'm on tour 
Music got growing
to wait, hold up I got side tracked, yeah
Staying low key not on cool shit
I just wanna see a snake and they full fit
Work better round a fake and It's
To settle a passing slight
The Nocturnis has tracked the Hinderscipe
From Port Royal to Liverpool
The submariner and the air pirate
back out like I bang a track out
Fuck a MP3 nigga imma need them tracked outs
Might pull her track out when I back out
Might back up but I never back
system, like i've been fucking hacked
He the most underrated producer, not lying, that's a fact now

I'm like Raw, you Smackdown
Easy to be tracked down
The cops tracked down Banjo Billy
And shot him 12 times
Killing him immediately
He was then tried as a dead man
And found guilty for killing Bongo
Was she well-mannered or just tracked the story
Till second act went into the groove 

Odd feather - my sight 
Caught girl on the backseat
Her eyes
We've tracked is our brothers
There's not the race or color you may be 'cause
I don't wanna see you get hurt (anymore)
I don't wanna see you get hurt
What if those blue lights never tracked me back to my house
Put me in cuffs, and Daddy sat me down

I wouldn't have all these memories
That ones that
barely tie my shoe lace
RiFF RaFF, I came back with Versace six pack
Don't get side tracked, tryna keep up with my stacks
Might spill through Nashville
old love letters from when romance was new,
And as the flames grew colder it reminded me of you,
I swept those cheatin' footprints that you tracked
the same plot
I'm not giving up
Nor am I giving in
I've got you tracked
Beneath my skin
If you must go, just go
I'll shed no tears, gravity won't 
ya last breather,'
Got a ass on ya bitch like my women?
You gonna get ya ex tracked to me', like a dab dealer' (extract)
We pack' heaters, so the dawgs
as she started to walk across the floor. Every plain clothes cop tracked her. Every single one of them is watching you because you're not feeling yourself,
slipping then they're bringing jakes to your yard
continue on your journey stick with your path, don't get side tracked by the signs that you pass 
think I

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