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Le textile a un parfum de résistance
La guerre ça sent comme chez Renaissance
Des punaises de lit levant
Une seconde main sur le bras du printemps
textile sheets
In their hands white laundry sheets showing
Sam was trembling and shaking Psychiatric drugs he was taking
They wanted to play, to invent
Tous les jours ça charbonne dur pour les lovés
Touche à tout la zik le textile faut innover
Faut mettre la mif à l'abri Dieu aidez-moi
Pour que je
ghanaian with some low Miles
Slim Waist Curved in a  Satin Textile 
You are the Power that will change my Lifestyle
Melanin, walking down the beach 
It looks
speak up
Already stunting on your next life, what's up?
It's from a different textile, we cut
I - play my role, the crew been at it
Paper focus,
zinzin logo sur les textiles
J'suis dans les airs j'suis en jet pack, au milieu d'la mer en jet ski
los ojos chinos
y caballito en textiles

Escribo barras pa' los pibes que estan en la mierda
hacer valer la magia pa' que no se pierda
quien esta
Porfa no empieces
Tienen un sueño corran por eso
Publi sin dueño usa los sesos

Todos queremos lo mismo babe
Moviendo textiles para comer
Comiendo en
feel what you feel with less of my mind and more of my chest now
Movin with moves like it's chess style, weavin this thing like a textile
All I wanna see
Shiny new things
Imports and exports, plastics and textiles
Economic competition
The market is a sport

Motors running - night sounds humming
stave lines, yeah
I heard you through the grape vine, young corby making that fy
Dripping with this textile, coming with these hits, Pow
Got to do my
In the 8th Generation, when the textile villages 

"Father Podzvonny walked his dog down Mykhailivska every Sunday
He hoped to hear the bells
des érudits et des bandits
On est pas issu de la même dimension
Quand on vient, c'est pour infliger des sanctions

Le textile est japonais
Le renoi est
in Blu textiles, cruisin through my stress piles
You dudes can rest while I scour my Heaven
Question: who threw the best styles Flowers for Smellin
dans le textile
Mon ami reptile
Il est gentil et très docile
Mon amis reptile

Parfois dans ma tête je pense aux reptiles 
Qu'auraient ils? contre moi
but meet, between the quick and the dead
Don't chase the shadows in your head
Let textile winds grasp wakening veins
We cannot know joy until we
Si j'le dis, c'est que je suis moi-même un nègre mais blanchi à la chaux
Tandis que McGill les contingentait au bachot
On faisait du textile avec
autres (Hin)
Faut que j’t’explique, je m'exprime, toutes sortes de textes rimes
J'reste stylé même si j'ai pas de marque de textile (Wouh)
Ils parlent mal
Neo Emo 80s max style
Neon colour ladies textile
Aint nobody waitin for a sign
'Cause God died on the inside
Faithless gen we got no hope
Tell me
child though I get dissed and profiled
For rocking certain textiles looking at Ye style pretend to be happy it's killing inside
My body full of lies gotta
to start 
What Technology did you use to Design your craft? 
Did you TDK take it to the days in the park? 
Check the Textiles of other rappers 
Or let
With useless textiles
Why do some of us act like ruthless reptiles?
So, what if all of the people who stood on the fences 
broke out of their
these impurities embedded in five illiterates textiles
Shedded in the hell tale to motivate blind suspended leverage
Now i'm drowning in a pool of why are
up and hand-me-downs

Well my daddy hauled bills for the textile mills to
pick up the little money we 


Had a three room shack with a john out

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