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heart strained to the full
I know I've tasted the essence in those few days
Take care who you love, oh, darling, he might not know
I've heard all the stories
I've seen all the signs
Witnessed all the glory
Tasted all that's fine

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing
Lying awake, did it again for Christ sake
Shoulda told her to go, and I know it
But she tasted like home
Yeah, she tasted like home
I did what I
I'm over it now
I can't take anymore, anymore

Never tasted better when you tried to let go
Never tasted better when you tried to let go
Never tasted
is a message; been there some time.
It starts of, "The coffee tasted so fine"

It says, "One day, this may find you,
These few words may remind
on the insurance
And you can drive another woman's car.

A kind of glamour
You can lend yourself
Like dark sunglasses
And you'll remember
How good it tasted
me off my feet
When I got my electric shock
It tasted bittersweet
I hit the deck and clenched my teeth
When I got my electric shock
I thought I
And know what is it like to feel the endless open
In slow motion I tasted it, the sound of hunger
In my heart, sparking the flame in me
You stung my ocean
I have
Tasted success
I've been in love more or less
With a dream that will last me
A lifetime, baby

Other dreams I have lost
But whatever
thought I'd fall
So much in love with you
But when I tasted love like this
It wasn't hard to do.

And it sure feels good to know
You make my life so
said I tasted right
And swallowed me alive

Face is in your hands
You looked into my eyes
You said I tasted right
And swallowed me alive

Hey, hey, hey
that you'd been talkin' about a dear old friend of mine
Never tasted anything as sweet as my strawberry wine
No no no

Yeah, I would scratch
Came down on a Monday
Somewhere in the midlands
Tasted man tasted flea
Couldn't tell the difference
Asked around on Tuesday
Got nothing from
In each others arms
We cried together
And your tears tasted sweet
All is not lost

And never to be forgotten
Like a shiver down my spine
hold on to what you have
Hold on to where you are, hold on to where
I face the change, I've tasted pain, digging a hole, now take the blame
I fell
and heart strained to the full
I know I tasted the essence in the few days
Take care who you love, my precious, he might not know
Take me a little deeper
I want to know Your heart
I want to know Your heart
'Cause Your love is so much sweeter
Than anything I've tasted
and weary you gave me a few good mile
What do I care if I miss a goal because I make a slip?
I'll still be satisfied because I tasted your sweet lips
I tasted your sweet lips, thrilled to my fingertips
Lips of wine, warm with fire, you are my one desire
Lips of wine, and they are mine

We had a good time at the beginning
It tasted just like all the things I was missing
I'll go at full boil 'til you stop stop stop stop me
Except to stand in the mirror and stare.
All you had

It all got wasted
The better food
It all got tasted
No longer French, just the language
You've tasted the pain of losing someone
Who broke her chains
Don't even look back
At these wasted moments 'cause
Future ain't what it used to be

Better luck in the next life,
Cause you gonna need it, dear
Loved you back then but I couldn't say when
All of your roses have died

I've tasted the wines of France
And I've tasted the wines of Spain
And though many a wine is the same
There are none like the wines of Madeira


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