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white dress on the ground
I tasted my wanting
As she wounded my soul

As she falls into your arms
As she falls, she's falling
Your dreams tonight

As she
will be the sacrificial lamb
To awaken the demon inside of me

this is the day of the dead

I have tasted your blood and I want more

revel in her feast
Came to me
In your final hour
I tasted fear
For eternal power

I sense 
It?s all right for you
I don?t know who

You are 
Why you wished
the ruins of reason
The roaring silence
Sinks under the new trial
Which escapes with speechless ardor
Into decline
I tasted the morning dew
On a withered leaf
time wasted
Just remember how this tasted, tasted

So slam the door
Be on my way
Moving onto better things in life
I will never be beat
So slam
my neck
And tasting the sweet, sweet numb of regret on my lips
I filled my pockets and closed the door
And I tasted all I'd left behind,
Then shameful
Oh, love make me 
Oh, love tasted Beautiful 
Oh, love make me 
Oh, love tasted critical 

Turn me onto your star 
Show me 
One night, slowly
My oh my, you're so good looking
Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends
But I've not tasted all you're cooking
Who are you when I'm not
tasted love so sweet
You held me softer than the rain

Mi amore my love never dies
Mi amore look into my eyes

We had a love so high
I could never
of love,
That you can treasure.

You've spoken of love,
I know you've tasted it.
But without the rest of it,
Life can be wasted.

Ahhh, take it baby.
We make excuses but you know damn well
A dream's a story only you can tell

You've tasted heaven and you've been through hell
But your mind
I tasted all, I tasted all the tears

Outside the rain's pouring down
There's not a drop that hits me
Scream at the sky but no sound
alone, alone, alone, alone alone
Without my honeyfuzz, honeyfuzz

Funny, it tasted so sweet like honey
D'you know what I mean? It's so funny
I never had
the devil I knew
I guess I bit off
More than I could chew

But I swallowed it whole
It tasted like pink champagne
Water into wine tricks them every time
seeds but there's something every woman needs
And a friendly smile will tempt her every time
Lonely women make good lovers...
Once a woman's tasted
a dream 
When we die will it seem 
That our life was wasted by the things we tasted 
Wake up, wally, it's time to face it 
Lifting Jesus up makes me feel up
what I'd give for the lifetime I've wasted
The love that I've tasted I was wrong now you've wrong
(Now you've gone now you've gone
Since you've gone
at last we reach the end
The lights go down on cue
I have wasted my time
But it tasted oh so fine
That my love still shines, shines on through
And my
shines, see how it shines

Lorilee, now that I've tasted your ways
I could live off of your lovin' for days
And when you're not around I keep missing
So he took his possessions in his hand

He traveled far and wide and he tasted worldly pleasure
But deep inside, he was lonely without measure
So he took his possessions in his hand

He traveled far and wide and he tasted worldly pleasure
But deep inside, he was lonely without measure
Make me feel like paradise
Give me what I'm missing
Send me to the highest heights
Take me up and away

I've tasted love so many times
Flee from false 
I have tasted the weight of lust
My hands on the skein of height
A pallid death
Mirage into dark
The horizons echo your glance
kept the headlights
From their promised land
I only figured the fights
From his declaration
I only tasted the tears
From the congregation

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