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When I feel like I'm strangled
You treat me like an angel
Show me all different angles
And I've never, ever felt that way, uh
When you leave, I don't
Ebbing eyesight in chlorine clouds
Stealing away barbed wire shrouds
Mowed down in mud by machine gun fire
Trapped and strangled in barbed wire
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
I've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing
Doomed to crumble unless we grow,
I need Christ
That's the only thing I know
I really can't breath right
I'm strangled by animosity from by own people
Lately it's hard to be nice
put you in a frame and hang you
Comin at you niggas from a different angle
Arch Angel choke hold and strangled
Kay Slay the game turn the tables
strangled wreckage. This is the unfamiliar sky gone faceless once again. The heavens a gritty sagging underbelly, static coloured the same way every day, all
they own identity
And to the enemy, you better roll like it's ten of me
Fake lords they get strangled with mic cords
Taking beats from my LP for sure
tyranny's mirror
Justified spite
Turned Armageddon
On a stunned reflection

Back then Hell's freeze strangled the night
Summer is coming
New flames
All those strangled future schemes;
All those glasses drained of wines,
All this crazy gift of time.

You, dear sister, kiss of mine
Can you cope
It's a Earth shattering experience
To get strangled from ya clearance gon sample as an example
What make ya creep or make a croak
O must fall into
they own identity
And to the enemy, you better roll like it's ten of me
Fake lords they get strangled with mic cords
Taking beats from my LP for sure
The bass drum pounds the load of a dusty road ahead
Another strangled heart laying sad on a bed
You want to be special, you want to break darkened in, I
I learned long ago
'Bout a better way of killing birds
And what it means when they die in my hands

Like a strangled heart
It never made much
of criminals frolicking about
Open up the window, let the bad air out"

Strangled by confusion, my mind is in decay
Can't picture tomorrow, can't remember
your mistakes
You will pay 

This love was born on crutches, crippled and bored
Ripped out asleep and strangled by a phone cord
Weren't you
to the star spangled-politically strangled
So we have to move (yo) through the underground
Encode the funk mode and claim back the sound (yo)
'Cause what's
Weirdly come your calls
Mournfully, scornfully dead

Folly of a love I strangled
Pulsing heart I thought was gone
Gives no peace
Will not cease
the love has gone
What used to be right is wrong
Like walking into a storm

Walking into a storm

Strangled by religion
Those that still believe
get batted from an angle
You'll get torched out then strangled
We shootin' for every angle so prepare for the day
That's how you wanted it, on some
I'm in control
I can take it or I can leave it
You can forget that lovers role
The world you thought you knew
Gets strangled by the wire
And you
the dread of evolution in my eyes
Your ivory tower, your ivory tower is collapsing, collapsing down
Like a faded flower, like a beast been strangled in
the ground
Movings low lyin the dark
Stripping down many things
Strangled by naked eyes
Circled by some old device
Emerging from a suitcase
I comeback
And I
Oh life can seem so hard
Sometimes you feel like you're drowning and you can't swim up
You're pulled down to the ground 
And strangled by thoughts
almost like I'm being strangled 
I am a prisoner of war who's not sure what he's fighting for 
I am the jealousy and hatred you ignore, so fall

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