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What becomes as red sight sees life
Lies and the mouths that birth them, sworn to abide
Cutting the lifeless pieces, rotted by time
Strangled by
and mangle
Let me give you an example what our troops are coming back to
Cold cities where the youth are getting strangled
The community in peril and our
stare, whatever
It's going
I stop by the lake of strangled crane
It was the color of copper
I saw the crane operator
Heard the operator swallow
[Verse 1]
When I cheated on sarah
I couldnt bring my self to speak
I couldnt sleep
I couldnt conentrate
I was weak
I was strangled by guilt
My heart
and frightened
Want to go and hide
Maybe get your masters
Eight more years inside

Dream of your own murder
Strangled by the IVY
Drown in student loans
was here 

And being broad 
Of mind and hips 
We did the only 
Thing possible 

I guess I shouldn't have strangled her to death 
But I had to go
"Amongst philtres and melissas
Midst the grease of strangled men
And eldritch truths, elder ill-omen
Elizabeth came to life again"

And under
The odds are not in our favor
There's little hope left
What optimism existed has been strangled
To the very last breath
Shuddering on strangers'
of the earth 
As the survivors came out of whatever holes they found.
And then the sun ceased its shine. 
Radiation coupled with toxic fumes 
a stranger strangled on the moor 
Into the void for now I'm gone 
Five in the morning I'll be knocking at your door 

With something inside of me
strangled in my aloneness, lockness,
Lock this before it's gone.
The collaboration and association,
Hear the story of another women in time,
Sink In Meat/blood Strangled.,The Smell Of
Death, Your Tortured
Gash, Enfold Me In Your Mother's Arms, Now
Hold Me In Your
Mother's Arms, Now Hold
with a couple of broken hearts and broken phones
Agonized and strangled by my clothes
I know it was me
I see
That I'm stranded without you
But what
The odds are not in our favor
There's little hope left
What optimism existed has been strangled
To the very last breath
Shuddering on strangers'
(Though the only Angels in repose
Were those with ivy strangled necks)
Small mercies in vistas of dolmen and vault
Gaunt, haunched edifices
eyes, my daily disguise
Everything's turning to white
The newspapers said that the girl had been strangled to death and also molested
On the day
of Islam nation

Father slays daughter
A husband his wife
A mother is killed by her son
Cut from the womb
Bastard infant is strangled
A page from

Don't want to feel strangled
Don't want to feel tangled

Keep our love simple
Keep our love simple
Keep our love simple
Keep our love
eagle on my eardrums choking on Twitter cum
I miss summer doldrums, I miss sonic boredom, I Miss Congeniality
Strangled incessantly by the speaker hum
I'm like a red nose pit, you a mixed bread
Bitch please all 'em dudes in your crew ass
I'll get you strangled with the strings on your doo-rag
hate and a little bit of great sex
Self-learning in between the self-loathing
Strangled in a cycle
Can't feel yourself choking
Some of them would
Strangled caravan
Frustrated world-receiver
Space shuttle set down
In front of my mobile home
Where's the city plan?
Right there, undocumented
little angel, 
but that angel on my shoulder got strangled
For trying to tangle with his nemesis he caught him on the wrong day
And got cut like DJs
When I feel like I'm strangled
You treat me like an angel
Show me all different angles
And I've never, ever felt that way, uh
When you leave, I don't

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