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travel much farther
Niggas stomped a Timberland wearing face carver
With the box cutter, top gutter
I hover over you lames, run for cover, end in your
keep it one hundred
Dr. Scrill but you can call me Ebonics
Sideshows goin' nutty dumbin' out
Take the wrong turn and get your roof stomped out

became cool? I dunno
Gamed up I be chewin' on this mack granite
OG Jay be stomped that laced that niggas posted never can

I brought the baddest broad in
RDVs 55th paul's liquor try and talk slick if you crazy
Results in getting stomped by doc and stu-baby
Keep ridin paseo for me 
If you ridin
with a left to the mid section and a right to the nose
And Oohhhh he stomped him in the toe
Popeyes a swingin dodging kicking, scratching, biting,
motherfucker won't die neither 
Dre starts sprayin' him with cans of ether 
We stomped the bitch and then stopmed the bitch again 
(Compton!) Detroit bitch! Talk

And the rooster cut his weevily wheat,
The catfish tromped the cuckoo's feet,
The ostrich stomped with the kangaroo,
Jig along, jig along, jig
you gettin stomped out
I got a team of dimes, they all thonged out
Ready to line you up and take you out
My girls is hot man, they hard to turn down
the stands
Shady man no don't massacre the fans
Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man
She stomped him just cause he asked to put his hands
On her massive
we don't like it we do something nigga
And you know we gon' ride homes
Stomped a nigga ass out until they turn the lights on


iced out, snatch my chain
Get stomped by a whole lotta Timbs' though (stupid)
I'm dunkin' on' your bitch like Tim bro (free throw)
I let the block hit
you get stomped out (alright)
If you don't get in the pic, you get cropped out
Turn ya ass to a hashtag (hashtag)
Lemme find out you fuckin' off
using infamous 
I'll say it for the last motherfucking time bitches 
Come with your own shit or get stomped and shot 
By Queens bridge at the next
stomped and I stormed
And I passed out in your dorm
Then you hustled me outside
I couldn't catch a ride
But the subway trains speak to me now
to jump
And in the event it jumped you saw a fool get stomped
There it is, can't get this shit no realer than that
Had a super boxing game, but now I'm
Baby walk witt my nigga

Stop talkin' lil' niggaz for why'all ass get stomped {haha}
Yeah we manz and all that but why'all really our comp

The Juice Crew got stomped, lick two shot 

POM! POM! Really it was Magic's fault 

Always want to diss somebody, he got put to a halt
in that big-ass Suburban 
Bumrush your villa then I'm closin all the curtains, LIGHTS OUT 
Who's next to get stomped? I smash hardcore from Jerz
on swole
Oh, you think I'm sweet?!, Then try me ho'
Git stomped to the flo'
I was born in the A, raised in the A
When I did my dirt nigga, I ain't gon'
stomped with the shells...

...I heard the bitch-nigga yell
Caught Peter, man, by the speaker
Looked me in the eye and didn't even know
I was his
you gettin stomped out
I got a team of dimes, they all thonged out
Ready to line you up and take you out
My girls is hot man, they hard to turn down
'Cause "bad-eye" Thompson always hung around.

He could squint that eye and spit tobacco thirty feet.
Ramona always grinned and stomped her
the Smooth Operator to start this flow 
And so 
I crushed and crushed and stomped the comp that tried 
To get fly and face the ace I put em in place
in the Chevy four-door, let's roll

Remember back when mommy sent me for the Wonder Bread
And niggas jumped me stomped on my fucking head
It's like I

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