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be damned if I let another brother take it
Alive for his own sake; they better vacate
Promptly, 'fore they get they ass stomped
Listen, take heed
[Verse One: Eve]
You can love Eve, hate Eve, I don't care
Cop my shit, dog, play this here
Come through, ride out, bitch like me
Stomped out you
You can love Eve, hate Eve, I don't care
Cop my shit, dog, play this here
Come through, ride out, bitch like me
Stomped out you little
the style but also peep the lyrics, my lightning, my thunder
Way back I stomped out Her-see you-les
But now I stomp out MC's
Can't chill, because the Sun
So she found another lover
They went undercover
Then she stomped my heart into the ground
Only keep the peace by calling out the police
trunk (that's in my trunk)

(Maxo, Maxo) stomped down, trill, savage, slingin' collard greens and cabbage
Pounds of the skunk in my trunk, like
readin' in the double red
There's a red light, road block, bridge out ahead

Well she came up to Jack's bridge but
That bridge wasn't there
She stomped
ghetto, the boot-stomped meadows, but we ignore that yea
You're lovely baby, this war is crazy, I won't let you down oh no no no
I won't let them take
Well he stomped with his feet
And he clapped with his hands
He summoned all of his joy when he laughed
It suffered all of his joy when he cried
When he said son you'd better stop foolin' around
You're gonna get your guts stomped into the ground
You'll come flyin' from the chute with your
on those flashing lights a sign that I knew 

Meant pull it over
So I stomped on my brakes and as I skidded to a halt, 
I wiped out three 
jumped into an old light pole we parted company there
I landed in some muddy slop he stomped right through my side,
I knew he busted all my ribs and made
Panther power keeps punks from runnin' up
Play the front and you might get stomped
Witness this, the original man
Made of earth, cream of the motherland
If little, little David hadn't grabbed that stone
Lyin' there on the ground
Big Goliath might've stomped on him
Instead of the other way
But he had
I get
When I drive by six people and five I hit (whoops)
Aw shit, I started a mosh pit
Squashed a bitch and stomped her foster kids (ah!)
nigga why not bust a shot and leave fools dead
Cause fool I got chops and glocks in my toolshed
Who said that you fled and Ron never stomped ya?
stomped on
187 dance on these punk suckas
Try to take ya boy out the game like a busta
Now they know what it's like gettin with a psycho
With the Garden
New reality - a higher level of consciousness
Don't play yourself; get out of line and get stomped with this
Negativity is a chronic disease
What happened to the guns and the clips you bragged about?
I heard about they stomped you, and beat you, and dragged you out
You said they heard
my bail on 
Tapped me up on the cell phone, it ain't far 
Stomped in steel toes, I look out my ??? so back up off me 
The K-I-double L-A T-A-why,
They try to achieve, but can't succeed 

They only get stomped on when I stampede 

It's like that, punks, and you all know 

comes on, I wanna see some shit jump off
Some bitch get slapped, some motherfuckin' kid get stomped
So get this song, go run out and buy this disc
stomp you out with my tim chukkas

Who who you stepping to the lost boy crew
Boy get stomped that ass is through

See we live the street
to the lost boy crew
Boy get stomped that ass is through

Come on and keep it real; this is saying
that the lost boy and group home fam want it all what

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