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The cocoon translates it 
To negabits 
And from afar, we see the 
Light of the MotherLode 
Go out 

A great flash comes from 
The cocoon and reverberates
an act of love, in honour and respect
I will build a dome for you
A palace to resonate for you 
A holy echo will reverberate
And I will understand, I'll
everything"", said Minority Green

Yeah, but what more can we do than let the blind lead the blind 
As long as they stand straight and reverberate with their
The silence reverberates with your essence
Like a storm in an echo chamber
It's gentle ever increasing ripples wash over me
Like sunlight
Like summer
on the lake 
Feel the window reverberate 

And I go outside  makes me feel alive  with my friends nearby and quiet 
This place is my home  even when alone
I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates

It never ends
It oscillates, syncopates, reverberates 
In the winding caverns, the empty-coloured depths
None of this is me 
It shifts,
Ghanaian suit and ting
Love is all I bring
Inna me Wu Shu suit and ting

Let me reiterate, my sound reverberates
A long decay, four year delay
to bow than keep these knees locked tight;
Tight like the rivets in my skin.
My pulse reverberates through this malleable shell,
With scars from
Reverberate through vacated lives.
Punished for ignorance.
Extinction is your sentence
the sound began
The child makes the man

Ripples in an endless sea
Reverberate a destiny
Oh, send me to eternity
Not gone, only changed
I was a boy, I
Teeming with beats and reverberate fear
My heart is the newspaper blowin'
Down the street when it's snowin' and no ones around
My heart is a saxophone
us down. 
Lean onto me, lean into you. 
Comfort I once knew slowly disappears. 

Reverberate, shaking at the core. 
Holding up your own by letting
Nothing is certain at this time of day
You could reverberate you could decay
The mouse and the model are laughing at us
We'll risk it we're
, quiet please
R , reverberate
S , simultaneously
T , time to take this
U , unnaturally
V , violent
W , wash away the
X , x hits spot
Y by us
Citadel reverberates to a thousand voices, now
What have we become?
What have we chosen to be?
Now, all history is reduced to the syllables
the deserted space
Where her pleas endlessly reverberate
She belongs to me
And she longs to be

She belongs to me
And she longs to be created
Underneath the pallid city lights
In the rain of Summerland
Over the ashes
Our memories in open hands

My words must levitate
And reverberate
madness called hate
Still I hope that we're not the only ones to hear the bells of liberty reverberate

All my people right here and right now -
Let's stop

Void reverberates with echos
Tides of zeros and ones flood
Interference whipping your ears

Dark transmission
On the air
Trance, dark
[Verse 1: Prevail]
I perforate my verses straight 6 o'clock,
Reverberate the verbs, surround the noun, ground the pound the starting block
came alone 
Three cheers for the end of twenty one years 
Nothing else is going wrong 

Reverberate and complicate my evenings and my days 
And I
The halls of the grotesque
Reverberate our final doom
Oh, the ravenous indulgence
The rite of passage eternal

A black lung full of ash
You could feel the love reverberate wherever in our building
If it'd feel the same today I wish I know, but
Sometimes you drive a car and lose

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