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with friends
There's a record she plays over and over again
It reverberates and the bass and boom
And the windows shake in my bathroom
Oh, starts me
to whom
In the dominatrix room?
Tabloids daily titillate
Each sordid tale reverberates
All across the nation

(What can I say?)
Feed the reporter
Underneath an awning
Concentrating on the rain
Hearing laughter in the stairwell
It reverberates
They're talking about the weekend
All the plans
the sound-reverberate
As I push my foot down, accelerate straight out of town
And with the help of James Brown on the tape
I reach escape velocity on the M3
Have you heard about this house
Inside, a thousand voices talk
And that talk echoes around and around
The windows reverberate
The walls have ears
the school
Her mom taught on the Hudson
Her dad's guitar sings open tunes
Reverberates up through the floor
Our love grew more one summer there
We'd spend
Citadel reverberates to a thousand voices, now dumb,
What have we become? What have we chosen to be?
Now, all history is reduced to the syllables
Vibrations reverberate
In waves from a point in time and a place
Tune in and you feel them sent
And all time is right now - what do we learn from
time for vertigo
Reverberate for your convertible

Hard nose in the contest like Ron Artess
The con artist
Bombard 'em and start 'em
Wasting on nothing
Effortlessly, you appear
Sound of the thunder
Reverberate in your ears
This is a slow dance
This is the chance to transform
your voice distictly it reverberates in my head and all my friends tell me they see you out on the town they see you're tryin' to ride the wild, but
to his lectures on life
Without one of your own
When he tells you "death is pure"
It reverberates right into your bones
So you ask him for information
I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates
Everywhere I
renegade rebels resent this wicked syntax (then jack)
Revert to revolution Ras reverse, reverberates
Revolvin with written retalliation, rate repetitious
It's a wild dream
It's a white scream
A devious dream
Just a flame in the fire

Can hear the drums of fate
From the very depths
pain, that reverberates the claim
That the disrespect started when we, were in chains
Could be - but should be, it wouldn't be, if we
Real men, scriptured
to know
Check this out

I and I echo with old sentiments
Rudimentary tenements
House reverberates
Richochets to small invertebrates
Even all these
Cinematic quality to my implosion
Noise flits backward, reverberates wildly 
Sonic thrusts tapped their way through chiseled marble sound 
An iconic
It begins unequivocally, a startling reality of hope 
Where all your inner galaxies reverberate the empathy of ghosts 
And a hundred million
O' the visions that tear at my mind...
I cannot carry on
These hollow walls reverberate her screams

O' Gods, I fucking hate feeling so helpless
The cocoon translates it 
To negabits 
And from afar, we see the 
Light of the MotherLode 
Go out 

A great flash comes from 
The cocoon and reverberates
The tick reverberates
It was the sound of emptiness
In a vine raided church

I thought the world was supposed to end
We live beneath it's eternal séance

everything"", said Minority Green

Yeah, but what more can we do than let the blind lead the blind 
As long as they stand straight and reverberate with their
I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates

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