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All Shall Perish  


And I don't care 

Brash and hopeful 
That my luck will not perish tonight 
When the overcast tries to kill me 
It's your slow motion rain 
to fall and perish namelessly 
No flag-draped bier or muffled drum to set 
The cadence for a final dress parade 
But it was not always thus?remember?
to fall and perish namelessly 
No flag-draped bier or muffled drum to set 
The cadence for a final dress parade 
But it was not always thus remember
Di killers and di daemons of di empire, shall perish and dem (??) all fire 
him a go push against di wall all di (??) messias, sodoma and Gomorra fi
Just live to suffer
Trapped inside these fleshened wall
So many live,how many perish?
Will never achieve its goal
I am dead before I
with this loathe engrained in me
i falter in despair
i perish away in my taint of shame
lost, astray again...

lapsed in the enchantress mind
all the rules we make are broken.
Yes, love, love changes everything: live or perish, in its flame.
Love will never ever let you be the same.

In the end the good will go to heaven up above,
The bad will perish in the depths of hell.
How can hell be any worse when life alone is such
them a heathen fi them fire burn
Whole a them shall perish inna the wicked kingdom
This is Shaggy one of Jah Jah son


[Verse 3:]

that perish
They are the stupid brood

Delight in slaying
Delight in slaying

I am the god of war
Supreme and terrible one
My judgments true
summon to my court
And as you perish each of you
Shall scream as you are sought

(Tyrant) Capture of humanity
(Tyrant) Conqueror of all
(Tyrant) Hideous
Thus must warn

(All humans who do not meet the required specifications
For salvation will perish)

I piss into the face of the crowd
Lyrically I
ignite the fuse and immolate
Three, two, one, boom, I've got a mind like a mushroom cloud
I'll either perish in the flames or be frozen in the fallout

Motorhead?: I never wanted to because I was too small to start with, I
endureth, men the faith will hold
Kingdoms, nations, empires, in destruction rolled

Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane
But the church
Still they don't seem to hear my call
So I won't linger and perish with them at all

Some say earth a run red
Man and man must insure them head
But I feel
That he gave his only son
That whosoever believes
In me would not perish
But have everlasting life
Reaping the holy from their misery, forever
Harvest of hell believers weep

Total destruction of whore mankind, perish
Sign of the times
With pride in our hearts we shall welcome
The day of the total eclipse
When the world of light shall perish
And from its ashes a land of darkness
We are through
Count your blessings
Count to eighteen
Souls to perish
For a few stolen dreams only
As we've walked down the alley
Feeling compassion for our sorrow
Endless, greatest is your might

Sing the psalms of the abyss
As five angels perish in the sixth
your war else you'll perish in flames

Second attack, B-29's turning back.
bolt the doors and watch them perish.
Its a cautious descent, so polite and pensive at first.
But the only truth is change, have patience
first love forget the thug livin' and receive the true love Christ forgiveness. It's not the Father's will that any man should perish just let Him give

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