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All Shall Perish  


your final moment
But worse, you can never avoid it
We all are born just to perish
To lose all that we truly cherish,
A life turned to ashes
A life
the god-damned impact


Perish in a firey hell
No turning back
You'll never live, no story to tell
Get ready, second attack

Boom. They
bring me to life as the Reaper's spawn

I'm a bastard of Bodom and I walk alone
As I follow the Reaper, to lead me back home
My victims shall perish
engulfing the soul
Unfurling this truth, an orbit in sovereignty
Sown into deep darkness
The grain has to die, perish to bestow new life

A vis major

We will never regret
We defied
We will raise our arm stubs in pride
We will never perish

Our cut off hands
Proclaimed grandeur
Land can
Penetrated soul weakened and misled
Beholder of a life that perish
Soon you'll wake up dead
A lie have built unto itself
A throne in your head
or all will
Perish in the lunacy once it befalls.
Parasites gnaw at the basis, their vulgar ways bring pointless ends.
Perpetuating the degeneration.
the vice of kings
Stamp down the wrelched weak

Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror

You are not of the slaves that perish
Pity them not
Tear down that
The world of dream is where
Your second soul will perish

Lands which no one's seen before
Dark as hell
There, alone, you are in
don't know
What love can do
I,I pledge to you that
I won't deceive
The heart that's mine.

As here I sit
I vow
Your history
Does not
Perish my
It is time to relinquish your throne
You must perish!
and moans
Or suffer smite from this my hand

My legions faithful unto death
I'll summon to my court
And as you perish each of you shall scream as you are
Sanctuary in a hollow void 

See a sign appear in the dark 
Your sould will perish in flames 

The Sign of the two turns to one 
No savior
Missed the way you were yesterday.
Backed away from this call.
Watching your eyes deeply widen.
Impressed with you, impress with me.
All humans perish, this is my way
The earth's veneer now stripped away
The time has come for mankind's fate, I smite burn and eradicate
Work or go hungry! 
Dominate or be dominated! 
Compete or perish! 
Sell the hours of your life away for the means to survive, 
Or rot in
And odious memories perish together with you
Should have seen the omen, the mirror
Death's reality

Cry, your threnody will be heard
For thy suffocated
Thought you'd relate every will
Perish it
Your chocolate soul
Help us wrong
Deny your past

I've got pictures on my mind
I've got pictures
of deliverance
So let the wicked perish in the presence of God for your sacrifice
The sins of the father atoned by the son
Confessions of commitments broken
The power of darkness, you never believed.
A prince of evil, to conquer your dreams.
I said why you don't perish friend of the unjoy.
I put you
sounds like, thunder
And a silent canyon can roar, anarchy
On the fifth of the fifth all hope can, perish
Beyond the feeble mercy of the, six thieves
the true life of all;
We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,
And wither and perish—but naught changeth Thee.
Great Father of glory, pure
shadows of fear 
Shall wither in her raven arms 
Shall perish in embrace 
Her love, her tears - the evil side 
Shall vanish for her thirst of blood

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