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Any broad better layer like I’m dressing for the fall, nigga
And I’m all that, hit the passenger door
Shawty was Pinkberry sweet and I ain't
I grind and I shine, my nigga
I ain't wasting no time, my nigga
I'm smashing your freak on the passenger seat
Shoot at you niggas, saying, "Fuck
I sit in dark corners laughing at myself
I'm a one way, third class passenger to hell
And I have caused catastrophes, I'm casting up a spell
shegueyses que j'vais quèn' au bord du lit
Tu veux un feat'?
Suce ma bite, j'te lâche mes urines

Sosa Baby!
Heat on my lap, passenger seat
lookin' and he peeped somethin'
Charger parked, car on, he see the heat runnin'
Bitch hop in the passenger, he tryna freak somethin'
Malcolm ready, his
How-how long you been high? All day, nigga
Pour some Hen out for my niggas that died, all day, nigga
And I keep a bad bitch on the passenger side, all
the dash
Bad bitch up in my passenger looking like Stacey Dash (bitch)
A half a mil cash, have you niggas ever seen it? (Have you ever?)
Fifteen thousand
that hydroplane, heavy breathin' can repeat
From passenger and everybody trying to escape on half a tank
Hearts palpitate, valves breakin', gas tanks,
feel alive
Peng brown ting on the passenger side
The A and the 3 just collide
Realest of G's can't you see by the way that I'm printing
Attention, passengers
We've now reached our destination
We hope you enjoy the flight and have a nice day
DJ Durel
Pan', yeah

Panoramic (yeah),
he with me forever (Ever)
Know we be fly like a feather (Brr)
Fifteen passenger, big jet, this is not a propeller (Shh)
My old bitch got her groove
was coming from the studio, and you leaned over from the passenger side
Yeah you was trying to get me, to let you spend the night
But since I turned
cool and don't act a fool mek sure yuh brain intact
Turn to yuh girl, inna di passenger seat, give har yuh strap fi lock
Tek mi outta di car, tell mi
out of the passenger side wit a black ski mask 
I saw somebody run up in the store and order us on the floor 
Yo I swore I was a goner for sure 
some water it's the mutha fuckin slaughter 

g bloody glock in my lap as i creep 

with the dead mutha fucker in the passenger seat 

murder fact
passengers in a car*}
[1] yo yo, yo they got the lights on, that's the cops
[2] aww God damn!
[1] pull over!
[2] y'all just chill out, y'all just chill out,
takin' from me
No sleep, just creep when it come to beef
Got a bad lil' bitch on the passenger seat
Go pick the bitch up just to roll my weed
Give me
passengers seat
An I'm Mobb Affiliated
Uh, uh
I know you hate it
I rather be caught
With my heater
Then wit' out my heater
It's juss a misdemenor

boot, there's no time
I'll jump out the passenger side like there's no traffic
Catch you with your girl or your mum, you'd do the same
So we'll take
so I can drop her at airport, I said I'm tired so she can drive
And I'm just there in the passenger seat and I'm looking at her square in the eyes

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