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a pact they had to keep
Down at the weeping willow tree

They parked the car right by the train tracks
Looked each other in the eye
The time has come
Give me some light to ease my pain

I'm parked under your street light
I'm reaching for the stars
You took all the diamonds
And you left me
Like an old abandoned car
She parked it down on a lonely avenue
She forgot about it 'til the day
She laid her eyes on you

And her heart said fire
car, they knew where you was headed
They parked you in the parking lot before you can even set it
I seen it all unfold from a corner dimly lit
gently played guitar
Then you made our flowers bloom
and neatly parked the car
How you used to tell me
"Don't give up
what you believe in
Know your faith
Morning wanders in
Taps on the window
Parked on the street in a side of town
That I've never seen before
Stumbled to the street
Make a call
parked my camel outside the tent
Went inside the harem to get some good head
I was partying inside the harem with all the chicks
Smoking the hookah with
I don't know how you ended up walking out of that bar 
Same time I was trying to remember where I parked
I was thinking I should just keep walking
is begging for healing
Start my engine, I'm parked confessing my feelings
It's dark, I'm headed but now I'm bending and kneeling
The art of lettin' it
paint chipping off my jays in the hallway
Clowned me all day
Parked my civic in the wrong place
Shit seen more boots then a 3 train headed to the Barclays
Id the squad still party
And no you can't see me I'm in vip
Not your average boy band uh truss 
Had the contraband hidden in my jeans
Ratchet parked
Parked by the swimming hole
Listening to the radio
Fresh coat of red clay on our feet
They play an old school country song
The kind that gets you
with your stuff alone
Man, why can't I just let it go?

I've been seeing that red Corolla
Parked out on the corner there
If it were yours, there'd
was a big black car parked out by my backdoor
And a government man with a fat cigar said we couldn't live there anymore
Said they'd pay us for
already down
The van's parked down the street
But I got beers in hand
I'm smoking some weed and then I'm going to sleep

I'm glad I didn't go
worth a mil' and still get on your heels
He live right where? Now I'm in the car parked outside his crib
He got a pole, but that's just for show, I know
is the most movement that it sees
Her car stays parked in the lot still filled with gasoline
Who knows? Maybe one day she'll need it
Should James
Traded her for a foreign car, kept in storage, parked
'Til the tires got deflated, no air, like Jordin Sparks
Stripped and sold for her parts like porn
Yes I am

I got a car parked in my front yard
With a floorboard full of slim jims
I piss where I want to
And I fish where I swim
Yeah, I bet you
hard to drive straight
Imagining gravity-defying happenings stalled out in my driveway
Parked sideways for more than four out of five days
The other
to the ends
We react fast like Denny and Renz
Told bro, "I need that Drum"
He said, "Just go there where I parked it"
And these teeth can't miss the jam
So I drove her into a sunrise
In the middle of nowhere USA
And she slept peaceful as a baby
Once she put that .45 away

And we parked neath
It was a May full moon
We parked the car
And I sang you a song I wrote on my guitar
Oh, I have kissed
Many times since then
But that first one
Parked beneath the burned out light
Take a hammer and some ice
And I'll make you snow cones on my truck bed

We'll find a Coke machine
Roadside motel

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