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Yeah, just kids

1987, two door Civic, with a stick shift
Parked next to a rusted out old Chevy
With a lift kit, high school parking lot
a pact they had to keep
Down at the weeping willow tree

They parked the car right by the train tracks
Looked each other in the eye
The time has come
Give me some light to ease my pain

I'm parked under your street light
I'm reaching for the stars
You took all the diamonds
And you left me
Hey, can you come out tonight
A million stars up in the sky
And I need you by my side
Hey, can you come out tonight
Hey there it's me, I'm parked
Let me hear you say (OK!)
And if that's your car
Parked outside the
Bar let me hear you say (OK!)
And if you're dressed to
Impress, you don't
drunk in the car bout to crash it
Them folks took my license now I'm parked like Jurassic
Sittin [?] out so you know a nigga had it
Pick her up hit
Then all of a sudden the lights started flashin' red

I was parked with my baby down in lover's lane
Huggin' and a-squeezin' playin' kissin' games
Just see if your light's on
Calling your house just see if it rings.
A busy signal pushes me too far, flashing my brights I'm parked up on your lawn
to Lucky, cause he stacking major cash
So you boys better handcuff your girl, when I fall up in the club
Yeah they see me valet parked outside, on 22's no
hold less control than ever but put this patent on fresh 
And now it's trademarked and parked in the executive space. 
Dark laws don't apply in
stay a while,

I parked my car but made to leave, 
Wanting to say what I wore on my sleeve,
Wanting to stay but I couldn't breathe
Or read the signs
Jody to pass that

I'm in my car parked
Posted on the block
Me and my dogs hotbox, box
Window foggy, la, la, la
The police go knock, knock, knock
Why, why, why, why
Why, why, why, why
Why, why, why

I was off
Keying cars parked on radium lawns
By suburbia moms
I called a friend
gently played guitar
Then you made our flowers bloom
and neatly parked the car
How you used to tell me
"Don't give up
what you believe in
Know your faith
I blame these lane pretenders
My friends in Benz's
Parked at the entrance
Inside you still hear the engine like, "wren wren"
This is your ending
chatting to T while I sat in the heat
With crack in my jeans
Wrap scarf or a black mask, wap parked in a cat's yard
Black heart, never act soft
[?] in
they want, we can swing it out
Just know I've got the ting parked off
You're talking tough but you need to stop
You don't put in work, you need a job
to get caught
But if not, you can just roll with me
Hell I'm parked right outside in that SUV
It's funny times like this I just can't believe
said goodbye
Make the cab take the long way by my place to see if someones parked outside

Ooh, even if you do
But if you think getting over me was
night and day
I travel on foot, leave my car parked behind me
Seems as i'd taken a nap,
Although you can't really be sure in a place like this
get it poppin' off like Pompeii
Parked up Melrose, she wanna get up on me in the broad day

(Shit) real shit
Did that one time
Your type be
girl from Dallas
You know I thought the knot was tight
Yeah I never saw it coming
Than she took me for a ride

I almost parked that motorcycle
got drunk at one of our shows 
I drove you home
We parked outside and kissed all night 
Until somebody saw us
You lost your ear rings in my car but
Oh, we're not going very far

Ooh, been tryin' to work this out
I can't get out the house
See you're parked outside
I'm telling you it's on tonight

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