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was feeling for her
I had someone else to obsess over
I was older, I was very mature
I forged my time signature 
While practicing my parents
out, stay awake, they're lurkin'
Obsess you, they are always workin'
Promising, everything you never asked for
And one day it'll be too late and you're
to fit his personality
What does he want?
The perfect present is eluding me

My friends all tell me that I shouldn't obsess
But how can I avoid
think I just might -- repress that
I think I just might
I think I just might -- free that
I think I just might -- obsess that
I think I just might -- said

At my side, the living are like ghosts, friends and foes alike
The bodies around me terrify me, obsess me
Morbid mannequins, gruesome puppets
universe i couldn't confess 
you can never be sure just guess
acid trip i am mess... yes
rainbow color caress
less stress
It's just a goodbye party 

Ignore, fall for, confess, obsess 
Arms wide, swan dive 
I can see it on your face 
I can hear it when you
the desires 
more often the tears 
where awful truth lies.  

Possess the black flame! 
Into the dark cold flame! 
Obsess the black flame! 
Devoured by cold
Around my future 
 Casting forward! 
 Now I'm casting back 

 Will all you zealots just turn it down 
 It's making me jealous 
 That you can still obsess
That I dream about.

Yeah, I'll take different routes home, 
To bring me closer to that name on my phone,
I obsess about.
success without excess?
It is for me a test, to not obsess
over what is to come next
Is there anyway out of this mess?

Lost in an overthought, but it isn't
before you broke me down
I'm wide awake, so untouched 
While you are safe and sound

You keep investing in shiny conquests
telling me not to obsess
that I leave so many things unsaid
I know I can

And I obsess again
I get stuck on things
I know it's gross
I can't let things go
And I hope that when I
왜? 비겁해?
음악에선 말고 말을 삼킨 게?
잠시만 시간 돌려봐라
음악에서 제일로 솔직하는 게 맞는 거였지
그래 법칙
91년생들의 힙합은 fuckin' 법칙
나도 완전 obsess 돼있었어 마치 첫 여친
걍 배운 대로 사는 건데 시비 걸렸으니
매일이 전투였지
my everything
I'm not through, I'll deliver trust with my promises
Set firm with super glue
Stick with me, stay forever, love me now and obsess
of an abstract Mother of all,
thus rendering their own particular mother as lazy existenz.
What they truly obsess over is the same (differ defer)ing specter
And everything we could've side stepped
Yeah we, were so close but now I obsess about every little thing and that's not me. 

You were everything but one wrong
And everything we could've side-stepped
Yeah we, were so close but now I obsess about every little thing and that's not me. 

You were everything but one wrong
God I'm so pathetic, writing songs for you
Is it romantic? Is it romantic to obsess?
In my head, you spin around
Feels like I'm drunk
Feels like I'm
a good challenge
I never said that I didn't
I obsess over every small victory
I don't learn from my history
Overanalyze like I sanitize
And the germs
me lose my mind
I can't help but to obsess and make mistakes
I used 9 lives and I don't know how much I can take
Everything about my life, they already
Switchin' in the kitchen ooh
Around we roll gonna have some fun tonight

He's my true fine daddy obsess the world
He's a sweet little baby, he's my only
Hit me like a ton of bricks
I must admit
That I did not expect to 
Obsess about how
Your hair falls on your face
And I'd die just to have a taste
cuz yr so-n-so

im worried i'll unwind
im scared i'll find my mind
im nervous ill obsess
im still in talks with yes
i detach wen i attach
im a latch

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