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or let me go

Love me or let me go

Hold my breath when you're gone
I'm a mess when you're not there to hold me
I confess I don't mean to obsess
on a heavy load
A bitter taste of getting old
A bitter taste of [?]
I've made mistakes and I'm not perfect
But living's worth it

I still obsess over
and obsess
Imagine if you saw yourself in your foe
The face of the terrorist is no longer John Doe
Guantanamo, John Doe
Guantanamo, John Doe 
Guantanamo, John
away from myself when I obsess
Human, I'm a human
I can be your silhouette girl
See how many poison words that I can hurl
Human, I'm a human

Tell me
The game is just a bunch of actors
Saying what impresses teens
Glorified abuse of xanax
Borderline obsess with lean
Horrified of normal life
And so
the sea. The sink itself. Is porcelain.

Obsess yourself with causality. The information you hear is a loophole,
technicality. Behind every object is
on the rise.

You better fear the future.
You better fear what's coming next.
You better fear the future.
Grave diggers keep busy while we obsess.

In us,
leaves me inane
Is it a drug or a word, maybe just a nice piece of fiction?
Won't I ever cease to obsess over this universal addiction?
In a word you're
would you obsess over a girl who doesn't like you?
I mean, some people make careers over stuff like that
But not me, I'm a Pisces like Andre Nickatina
bit here for you
But I'm willing to wait
I'm willing to wait

Day time is no longer the hours spent
Lit by sunlight ?? the hours to obsess
obsess over success
Success is like the carrot on a stick
Once the writer finds it's just a carrot
The writer takes a shit all over it
Cause in the end
Fuck dudes in rag and bone
Obsess over chicks who look like Mary Kate and Ashley clones
Helmut Lang and Philip Lim
Trashy bitch, in classy clothes
bigger than you'll ever be
So throw it all away
Seize the day 

You let us know you made the grade
All your Italian suits are tailor made
You obsess
these haters

Yo, I like to brag alone
Fuck dudes in rag and bone
Obsess over chicks who look like Mary Kate and Ashley clones
Helmut Lang and Philip
married before our families in a church

Oh but I, I haven't seen you in years
Oh but I, I haven't seen you in years

It's been long but I still obsess
If you need me, follow me to hell.

I have tried to feel the same as you,
But in the end, I can see, that you lied to.

Obsess me
And I lust success, but identify success in love
Obsess in luxuries and her tend to touch
I just surrender to drugs
I'm just a half empty mug
known to obsess over the future.
Do you think you'll get away from the past?
As you stone yourself to make it through till midnight,
Consider what you
Already know that I'm wrong
So why obsess about what side I'm on
All this will fall into seed
I'm not approaching you
'cause I'm afraid that you might move
To when you hate and steal
Or do you think it better
To obsess and not reveal?

I know your secret
It scrapes you way down
Everything was clean
I can see the pressures on you,
It's affecting everything you do.
You want out, you want out.

Did you know it tears me in two,
To obsess
I suppose you don't 
But I wonder if you do
Do you know how I feel
How I obsess
How I need every promise
How I cling to your little words

Your phone
creep inside
I just want to be alone
I want sweet dreams but you keep haunting me
Stop your obsess and free me from this vex
with another man
And she's your girl
But watch out 'cause she's in demand
I wouldn't get too close and I wouldn't obsess
'Cause she will take your heart

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