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Know some boys who gone be glad I made it
Then some who want me down instead saying congratulations 
Finally notice we got pull so now they
me up anymore, girl, if that's the case 
I don't know what I did to make you feel this way
Got a big crib but I cannot help notice the space 

I ain't
this hard 
They gone notice 
Runts in my blunt 
Got me losing my focus 
Don't be mad cuz i know that I'm potent 
Got me shooting my shot 
Like derozan
muslim, you are not 509
Aye pull up with the bag no deposit
Put it in my savings, notice on my wallet
And you know it ain't tricking if you got it
Will she even hear this
Afraid I'll lose control

Did you even notice
The flowers that I sent you
Laid with me for hours
How could I forget you
notice (Huh)
I'm in grind mode so I'm focused (Damn)
Just wait 'til I cop the Lotus (Skrr)
Princely on the hoe's tits (Oh)
Like haha that's your chick
the know

And they starting to 
Notice I'm getting this cash 

I had to leave that 
Lil bitch in the past

Never look back
When I'm doing the dash

Bring me to life as I cry within 

Bitch, you ain't high you just coughing 
Send other rappers to coffins 
Play my music and notice how your pretty baby
out yeah time to have a blast 
Save the best for last to look back and laugh 
Until I notice that I look the same as the last one 
Hello Earth to Joe
the mirror, and as she steps nearer
The nightmares begin to become more clearer
She notices her skin is turning pale, her bones so frail
Her entire fucking life
You cannot step on my lawn
I think my grass from Milan
I didn't notice the roof
Just like her top
It was gone
Just like the profit
I need dat
w my timing

You went and took advantage
You got my heart so damaged
I cannot understand it
You took the seed and planted
You notice I been changing
never tell a -, "oh sorry"
I tried to warn ya, man, I gave ya notice
I'm gonna exposa ya, [name omitted for trademark infringement]
I got a couple friends
See what's happening 
No re run 
Back in grandmas kitchen 
Always told her I would be something 
Put mufuckas on notice like they went 
And put
Turkey bags I can't close shit
Prices Goin Up until further notice
Push to start from the back I don't drive
Dutch in both hands it feels like I'm flying
Hope you notice
I know this world makes it really hard to focus
Stay focused stay focused
Stay focused
I got my people
Everyone else brace for
Oooh I like that quick take his necklace
Nigga think he sipping real lean, Bitch I stretched it
That choppa burn him up no notice This bitch Michael
notice It
Taking pictures in my mind
Make sure I remember this
No sleep nights
I wake early every morn
Gotta get the vision right
She said she hate
I would feel better
Hell I probably wouldn't be so blind
I'd notice my job's great
Go out on a few dates
But I can't get her off my mind

I wake up
your worth to me

Hoping that I'm stuck on you
Hoping he ain't as worse me

Eat ya heart out like groceries
Maybe senpai a notice me

Zombiem ghetto
your door
I know I'm selfish and it's dumb
But I don't notice anymore
Hold on to me
I won't leave you
Screaming for my love

Hoe I'm Johnny Drama
Guess you didn't notice
But the whole world doesn't stop
When you don't get what you want
You keep messing with my focus
Pushing all your thoughts
take you to notice
They act like they know us
They just want to show us
How to feel
Keep it real
I keep it real
I kept it really from the jump
I’m the shit and they notice that run the play going long like a quarterback
That ni*** your bi**h be looking at hit your bi**h guarantee she ain’t

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