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on this
Go sound the trumpets
Put the whole world on notice
That the world on fire cannabis from my bowl hits
Demons fuck with my focus, but I brush em
Notice Nu Jaxx we 5 star
And we roll in them nice cars

And now he ain't sorry 
Says the same old stories
Messing with the same old shawty
He never listens
my prize 
Too High in the sky I know it 
I love you and I can't control it 
Baby you my only focus
I just made this song for you to notice

Been on my
a disco
Life is like a 
More grimy than the slime on Nickelodeon
I'm hungry like Cambodians
And ain't nobody notice it
I'm over it
Like high jumps 
Mi know yuh notice 


Talking to mi self
Think i need to find help
Damaging my health 
Flex and them mi re-flex
Ace draw fi di benz
Pull up a mi
Maybe you've heard of me

You was still with your last dude
Hoping that you would notice me

Thought I'd move on and live a fast life
But it was
It's not hard to notice
Between you and me
Just the perfect fit
That we could be
How can you miss
All of my telltale signs
Your vision is blurred
cause you be coping
Baby let me be that guy that help you love again and put you on my notice

I want to vibe
Don't want to fuck want you to come want
It seem easy like this
I know easy ain't for me tho
People don't notice
Really Arian the only one who does
When I'm hear it's damn near
the shame

Time slow when the gravity call me back to Earth, this a different type of living all 
Didn't notice that my head hurt
Under surface,
making an impact so great 
We don't even notice ourselves attached at the hip now
Past to present: Back then I wasn't in this body 
I feel a thousand years
Niggas go fucking broke cuz they fucking blow all their signing bonus
Niggas be fucking hungry how about you whip me up some macaronis
notice in my own lane cause I gotta stay focused  

Lil mama wanna flex tho 
That's okay I ain't calling up on  the next hoe 
Comin at you with a red rose
i got a notice saying your relieved leave your chair
Suspended for bad attendance at least i'm free and clear

Am i alone 
Or is it just the fear
I'm talking seeing you reach out for chips
But you ain't got the cards to win
I see you in a cardigan you begging for the cards again
I notice
just look to my right
You'll notice my slimes
My bros down to ride
Come find out what it's like
To meet me in the sky
You, say you calculated 'bout what
ever wants you"
Kinda hurts but it makes a lot of sense too

"I could fuckin' die and nobody'd ever notice"
You play the martyr and you already know this
up all your strength
Listen to that voice, that voice so deep inside
Use it as a guide
Then you'll notice your not only walking but also starting
I know you bad but what else is there to notice
It's M.O.B. I'm feelin untouchable
We came a long way from them lunchables
I'm tryin to live life like
Focus on niggas that's watching yo Back 
Don't let em notice they seeing yo Lack
Stronger than ever i don't need a Strap
Chasing the money might run a few
I don't think
I don't think I'll ever notice every day can't be it's own 
When you're running from the present
So your past doesn't catch up with
everything to me

You don't have to notice to know this

You know I had to
It's hard to tell you what I want to
And I can't save you
It's hard to break through
it with fragrance so that you stuck
With the scent of they lust, you can't ever forget you live inside my head
Eviction notice never worked I do
And I ain't talking leafy greens
Green back and stack know that 
Notice what he means 
Silence like I said 
Don't want the truth to spread 
Zip it throw

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