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These stations we love them

Hey Waiter
I'm first class
Hey Waiter
What state is this?
These reptiles scream
Sharon Tate
We could give it all up, we could give, give, give it all up
And the newspapers, oh the newspapers

They'd be listening, listening to me
Adonis and Venus
Now we're the water flowing down the drain

I write the book on loneliness
I write the poem on pain
I'm the obituary in the newspaper
Newspaper rubber bands, tape, and glue
So you would see I would do anything for you
Anything for you

I didn't want to wake you up,
So I put the flower
How many times must a newspaper call
Tryin' to persuade me to subscribe?
I don't subscribe to newspapers
I'm sure I'll find out soon enough
So what
uh, we don’t want
We don’t want these little boys ending up on the newspaper
My biggest intent is to motivate you catching the vibe like a soccer goalie
わけなどないさ"Yes I know"
TV & Newspaper 飛び越えて
Over the rainbow 信じてるんだ

TV & Newspaper
Year's, yeah, bag ah blue paper
Fi two face fam me nuh too cater
Dat ah new traitor, man a star ah nuh newspaper
Observe ah see you later (likkle more)
Dad readin' a newspaper (paper)
Haircut attempt taper (taper)
Now it's time for eatin'
Hashbrowns and sausages, learnin' a little vegan
ninja like very quickly, hey
by the time you feel it I'm like 3 blocks away
I stabbed the newspaper guy and took his little truck
now I stab people
He's a WHAT? he's a WHAT?
He's a newspaper man
And he gets his best ideas
From a newspaper stand;
From his boots to his pants
To his comments
on the right
Me have two sticks of dynamite
Admiral come off on de left
Me fold a newspaper, man and box yuh til yuh deaf

Hear sit Grindsman
Him a send
and replace it with fear
The time is now, the place is here.

The song that we wanted was sung by the free
The newspaper headlines and no melody.
The time is
beds for a week
The newspapers said, what're you doing in bed
I said we're only trying to get us some peace

Christ! You know it ain't easy
You know
In the Baltimore daily newspaper
Miracles really happen that way
Now you know me much better than any
And that is why I can call you my friend
too much thought
In your newspaper grey
So waste away to morro bay
You never got around to yesterday
But money is for taking yes
And rich is what
to dream
With our feet
The newspaper's full of things I don't want to read
I'm feeling tired
And it's much too late for thinking
But one thing's for sure, in
Keep going up and down
Up and down

Newspaper, newspaper
Can't take no more
You're here every morning
Waiting at my door

I'm just trying to kiss

Newspaper story reads
(They don't know how)
Cheap girl magazine
(They don't know how)

Stand aside and cry, never wonder why
Ask themselves
talk, newspaper word cutouts
Speak no feeling, no, I don't believe you
You don't care a bit, you don't care a bit
Ransom notes keep falling out your
Mama dem call me
Papa dem call me
Sister dem call me
Brother dem call me
Dem don hear one story
Dem no see one 'tory
Read am for newspaper
Pushing a ribcage
Makes it hard to breathe
And yet we hold our sweaty hands
Year after year
Some new year
Without music in our head

In the park
I see a man sittin' there
With a newspaper under his head and hair
I think

He would be down for me
To tell him that he'd been
of me, and I don't wanna see you go
My heart's a newspaper and you are my headline
Cause I really really really wanna get you off my mind
I really really

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