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you stand, in your final moments
Mindfulness staining, engaging a loss

I would've thought
You should've thought before you left

Traded for disdain no
been inside
I’ll find the rest when
I’m more rested
No time to take my time
No way to find my way to find
My piece of mindfulness
One day I’ll find it
friends countless of times
You’re the constant presence on, on my mind
The smallest amounts of kindness
Send me in a surplus of mindfulness
The holy fire
the fame or the flashiness
Or any other superficial bullshit
Cus mental health and mindfulness are more important
Now the time has come to choose
Whether I
On life and dice my mindfulness, it slowly gets highly
Foes boast unGandhly
Meditate, they're awake, but quick to decimate your proudly
Crown worn, torn
Will time stop and let mindfulness take over
We both feeling lucky like a motherfucking clover
How'd you end up needing to be my lover?
Roses are
been workin' out better than I planned it
The truth is what you want give it to you candid
Breath with each step mindfulness is what we after
Thich Nhat
Mindfulness adrift in a sea of devotion
Preparing our hearts for shocking revelations
These great behemoths
On their skeletons we build
History buried by this
jump joyful children 
K is for kittens ok keep safe knives go in the kitchen 
L is for love live laugh learn & listen 
M is for mindfulness
stepping like a Pharaoh
Travel through the sky, with the eye, of a sparrow
Concentration is born from mindfulness
Concentration has the power to break
Set by others
Seen as virtues
Mindfulness of weak
The revolution
The revolution
If you haven't seen it, the fuck you doing?
Kill your TV its in the silence
Live on IG
The blue light fry
campaign received via radio station

The hunger for blood
Brutal intentions
The phone rings
Maraca rattles
Mindfulness scadattiles
Under the clash of battle
write this RX
Don’t keep banking on it making sense
Keep Waking up and practicing your mindfulness
Pay attention to yourself with some interest and some
Eco-normas para ser fundamental

Masones y lagartos que nos han soliviantado
El nuevo amanecer dorado, estoy entusiasmado
Terapias de Mindfulness se fusionan
on hope
You'll see a new rainbow

Just close your eyes for a moment
Have a sense of positive mindfulness

You are my morning Sun
We will
Few breaths for a few movements
Stuck in a whirlwind of mindfulness
Eyes are glooming
Assuming the worst outcome
While his hands turn translucent
Mindfulness pudo salvarme el pellejo,
aquí me tienes con carta de amor a tu recuerdo,
por eso pienso y me digo pinche bato que pendejo,
si se veía venir se veía
we used to be

Clinging to any set of beliefs
Paradigms, dogma… naivety
Consciousness, mindfulness, messianism
Is this reality all that there is?
what's  inside, 
it´s all about befriending 
who we really are
underneath my skin is
who am I right now
mindfulness meaning
kindness towards all.

To heal
Rap like green Mario 
Telepathic mindfulness 
Of auras slight Lucario 
Presently is a word 
I don't t use very often 
Perhaps employ it more 
Looking down into my soul
Empty trough the fullness
It’s screams you fool
Can’t you stand mindfulness
Can’t you try to leave the stress
Can’t you just
about mindfulness
I didn't know what it was trying to do
I kicked and I punched at what was inside me
All I knew was that I wouldn't let it define me
mindfulness, sharing addresses
denying God, embracing atheism
Bill Gates, Elon Musk, bunch of atheists
god-feeling, cold-killing
Microsoft and Tesler

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