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It's never too late  
To shine like gold
I woke feeling good today 
It got me feeling so mindfulness 
Mindfulness yeah 
I woke feeling good today 
It got
up your head now
And put on your crown

Pressure relieved
Freedom recieved
Peace conceived
Mindfulness retrieved 
Pressure relieved
Freedom received
Are you ever gonna let me open up my mindfulness again?
We’re gonna make you beg
Get down
When you tell me
That I’ll never be the one you chose
the mindfulness it’s time for me break
 the cycle on the pavement not rest 

Pere Lachaise, Your shelter, your peacefulness, 
and a place to rest home cooked meals
Wake up 
Den I'm finna roll a blunt 
You know 
That's common sense 
Meditate and practice mindfulness 
To raise my consciousness 
Shifting to the 5D
I get reminded of the mindfulness your mind will get when winding down the fighting that's been prevalent
See no evil
I been tryin but it's evident
padme hum)
Mindfulness is the path towards whole
One with life, the divine, one with all
Feel the breath reaching out
Over expanses, near
behind a Mercedes, and I ask myself, "Was he the one?"
Mindfulness and miracles can take my breath away 
But when your SUV's in front of me, silver fades
speak to the monsters under my bed

My therapist said I should try mindfulness
And the psychiatrist is always a bore
The doctor's saying I should take
and cigarettes
We were steady stuck in our ways
They tighten the ties that we fighten with
We should retire this, silence this
Draining me losing my mindfulness
"When you drive, you practice mindfulness of driving. It is possible. When you stop at a red light, you look at the red light and smile. You look
on stress, man I focus on breath
And try to look at life as a novice
And remember that it all ain’t no contest
And then I find my bliss practicing mindfulness
to live
So weightless
So many years in mindfulness
And still hurting from emptiness
Im driving through the silence
Fighting through this loneliness
I need
Mind, it always wanders unstable
Words, keep saying all those nonsense lies
Action, sourced from our mind and words

Let's build our mindfulness
want to runaway
From the reality im living in
From love that I keep on craving
From the mindfulness I'm missing
And the pieces that don't seem to fit

Goodbye mindfulness
That got us so far
That breathed like the ferns, the waves and the stars
That let us be heartfelt when we had not the words
Mindfulness counts 
It reminds me of "now"
Being present (Being present)
See life differently somehow 
Touch the wonders 
It's all about today
healing journey (x2)
Let's listen to the universe, in a state of mindfulness.

Let's dance 
With the rythm of the universe
Let's dance
Heal every wound
Tryna practice mindfulness but my minds fulla mess no time for a sec  
Take a look inside ma head 
There showin me love that I can't accept
Cuz I
with mindfulness, helping everyone
Someday I will hold your hand living wild in different places to share our love
I've got a woman but she doesn't know
of mind
And consciousness
Is up to you
To see and judge
And take the path
Of rightfulness
To reach your peace
Within the ape
Satori state
Of mindfulness
A great feel, the trail is depth
Read my mind, I know the truth
Unlike you, split in two

Two sides of a portal to line
Mindfulness and the portal is fine
powerful god
I just believe in kindness
I just believe in mindfulness

You're all I got, you're all I got
You're all I got, you're all I got
You're all
mindfulness, it's just given to praise
I'm in a phase, all I see is victory
You on that wave, then come and get with me
I only want what's meant for me

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