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Have a shootout, at midnight, the sequel's quicker
Forty four colt jolt, all you seen was the flicker
You distressed like the damsal, lost like
this word)
I've been bangin' on diles

I wouldn't mind if I could find
A little electrocution.
I need a jolt some thunderbolts
Of a little
Hey, bloodstained countess
Suck off the body
Everything's a lie
Hellbent and shoddy
Lay a bad jolt on the squares who are choking
Spread her
your road
It jolts you like a kick inside
A year old message on your phone
That catches you when you can't hide

I see you in the service station
The earthquake hit at6 19 with a jolt
People went running for the doorways
And for the next half minute it shook
Up on the 17th floor
(Lil Neal on the track, so you know the beat retar')
Ay, Chris, what you on, bro?
Gimme a jolt
What you on, bro? (I'm doin' shit, back when I was
you sure to fall 
Collapse like the Berlin Wall, while I'm just hurlin' ya'll 
Lightin' bolts, by writin' quotes 
Strikin' jolts that frightenin'
the explosion of electrifying sound
That hits and lifts me off the ground
The jolt & jangle of live wires

I want to hear the 2 guitar clash [etc]

Oh can
their humble abode
To get a jolt from my electrodes, they did the mash

The Zombies were having fun, the party had just begun
The guests included Wolf
humble abode
To get a jolt from my electrodes, they did the mash

The Zombies were having fun, the party had just begun
The guests included Wolf man,
Suddenly everyting is fainting
Falling from a broken ladder's rung
There's a jolt exhilarating from the phone I'm holding
I hear the words of what
motives of coffee jolt and classic coke and delicious blue
Cream sodas blue cream soda brings a smile and that's what makes it all 
Worthwhile there's
I'm in the nude, inhaling ice cream, talking to my dogs.
See something I can believe in. 
Its the just in the jolt that I'm reading.
Chew at the seam
my eyes and fly to mars
A man jolts my arm I swing out madly
He swings back and I see stars
I curse my world beneath my breath
I curse myself, I
but (I'm)
Electrified I'm like a jolt of voltage
Diamonds on my necklace shinning like a bowl of goldfish
And I'm telling Rittz cause I know 'bout
the road 

No change of clothes but change for tolls 

pack of No-Doz Rolos and Skoal 

Old Milwaukee Jolt black coffee 

Sugar Daddy Rand McNally
show alert the frame. Bash all flags where the mag spin park. Corroded by the volts that jolt the cold vein. Boogie down kits to slip past the guard. Def
of mind
Altered, lethargic, bleeding from the eyes
My joints are frozen, a sudden energy
Jolts through my veins exorcising the demons in me
In the blink
Self-victim kings who rep a wide pride dosage
For tomorrow the holsters are bound to outnumber the roaches
I'm not a coach
But that won't even jolt
Out of the blue
Response of the brain
Intense adrenaline flow
Out of control
Sudden jolt
Freezing in fear
Trauma road
To get a jolt from my electrodes

They did the mash, they did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
They did the mash, it
fighting a freak
But then I jolt awake, bout to break, headache stronger than the power of fate
Then I remember back,
1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, all the way
Let's Go
This Place aint Safe 
And I've Got Jolts
The Moon Is out and Pale
Dogmen Will Find
And Take Away All Those
Who Live without Faith

Giles jolt, as sleeping in his car he lay,
Some pilfring villains stole his team, stole his team away.

Giles wakes and cries, what's here, what's

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