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Gimmie sugar gimmie caffeine gimmie No-Doz pills
Gimmie Jolt, gimmie Redbull, gimmie Viagra
Gimmie Valium, gimmie Xanex, gimmie codeine pills
Let's Go
This Place aint Safe 
And I've Got Jolts
The Moon Is out and Pale
Dogmen Will Find
And Take Away All Those
Who Live without Faith

a jolt from my electrodes

They did the mash, they did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
They did the mash, it caught on in
Heart jolts like thunder
Tears fall like rain
A midnight sky filled with sorrow
A sea of emotions flooding me
The sky will clear and the clouds will
senses reeling

The jolt that brings you back to life
And keeps your cool heart beating
And all the pain subsides
As natural as breathing

A perfect
a jolt but a motion, pay no attention.
It's over, a take over.
I'm not the same. Is it you that's changing?
I can't reach you anymore, I can't love you
plugged in I'm plugged in I'm plugged in I'm plugged in 
With voltage yeah

That voltage 
It jolts me
I feel it I feel it 
Feel it go charge me
Do you wanna
Giles jolt, as sleeping in his car he lay,
Some pilfring villains stole his team, stole his team away.

Giles wakes and cries, what's here, what's
fighting a freak
But then I jolt awake, bout to break, headache stronger than the power of fate
Then I remember back,
1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, all the way
tubing, host

Swim down!
Nerve jolts the skin!
A warm rush!
It seems nice!
It's not.
It's shit!

Hour-tipping God
I am so strung out
Holy one advice

Don’t think it’s something I’ve forgotten
I remember the jolt inside my brain

All alone in the cellar at night
No thought in the silent
Lying on my back,
stomach churning,
feeling like the prey of Death.
Jolts of pain
throughout my bones
in every nerve
in every tendon.
the battering ram, throwing heat with the catapult 
Now add a jolt of electricity, extreme wattage 
A psycho in the forest with an axe that ransacks your

The furthest one has been
All this time is wasted
Standing on these actions
Quick jolt to reality

These mind terrorist
Invading a black sand beach
reinforcement enhanced advancement 
Audiences senses audio transmit 
Thunderous storm strikes with ma jolt and 
All hard rock like Thing from fantastic four
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
(Wa-ooh) To get a jolt from my electrodes

They did the mash, they did the monster mash
The monster mash, it
wanna speak
I'd cry, but being bitter would take to long
So I'll be brief
Calm and so sweet
Yet trying to deliver a jolt to knock me off my feet
When guns
You said my name
It was golden and without shame

Don't you crave the rush
The jolt when we touch
You know I hanker on
'Til the rousing
up from a jolt of fear,
Feels like you've been sleeping for one hundred years,

The calm after the storm,
Is a strange, strange place - I warn you,
flesh grows life anew
Infernal, the moon distorts my mind
My veins jolt back to life, pushing the fluids of the damned

I seek to bathe my fetid flesh
Handlin' my business, we last longest
My whole congress, strong as King Kong is
Sledgehammer grammar, thunderbolt jolt
Mad Child what you got under your
The air tastes just like you, it's the smell of June
A sensory shock that jolts my spirit, I slowly swallow you
A spray of little droplets,
Then you jolt awake

How did you arrive at this point?
It was all going so well

The dies been cast for quite some time
You've felt it for a while
the plank
Before the crimson struck a match this season
Meridian carpal will jolt your logic
When the burn earned its self normalcy for 20 plus
Run a muck

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