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Get get it get it 
Get yo riches, grant yo wishes 
Get it get get it 
Get yo riches grant yo wish 

Work our fingers to the bone 
Can't separate work
Watch me make it
Watch me how I make it
Watch me make it
Watch me how I make it
Ooooh, love got so many faces
Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Grant
as the people you ride with
I was out in London seeing Lamborghini's
Summer right before sipping mai tai's in Santoritini 
I grant my own wishes
I don't need gini
Losing sight of myself these days
Who do I call for the help these days?
Come through with the remedy, if you in the vicinity
Grant me serenity,
compassion and love
Would you give us ears to hear
And give us eyes to see?
Grant us grace and courage
Keep us on our knees
Would you make us quick to learn
Now my lyrics are escape from the potent rage 
Hope : that noble slope it's dope the change  
Whatever, floats my boat and flows my way
So grant
the one to call you my misses
Will you just be my misses?
Will you just be my misses?
I’ll grant all of your wishes
I’ll give you all of my kisses
We’ll be
Shawty a baddie that foreign accent
She wants a plane ticket out to paris
Grant these wishes like a genie, doing magic like houdini
Swerving through
All she wants me for is to grant her wishes
All I can offer are my hugs and kisses
All she wants me for is to grant her wishes
All I can offer are my
Dear God in me
Please grant me your strength
Not to hurt
Any being this day
I see my fault
Feel it in my heart
I regret
Any wrong doing to you
I am
Running miles over inches, wait
Let the money grant your wishes, wait
Building walls burning bridges, wait
Kobe Bryant, I ain't flinching, wait
to act a fool
After we rendezvous

That's the way it is
Sippin on this cris
Girl give me a kiss
I can grant your every wish
I'll show you how to live
God, grant me wisdom
God, grant me peace of mind
It's fair to say I've lost direction
If I ever knew at all
I wish I had a more eloquent way
To speak
Kadamawe, Kadamawe
Woiii, woiii, oyyyyy

Say a prayer for the weak (Say a prayer)
When the most high Jah grant di earth to di meek,
To endure is to revel
So say uhh...
Can you grant me a wish?
Turn my days in to months
So much time in a day
Less time in the sun
So say uhh...
Can you make
Your faithfulness

Restore us again
Revive us again
Grant us
Your salvation

Restore us again
Revive us again
Grant us
Your salvation

Oh Lord, we need
cyah have one gyal fren
Dis a the real gyallis dem anthem 
Wah day mi buck a gyal from grant's pen
Seh she want up want up wah inna mi pants length 
If you gonna pop off then pop off with me
Oh I can be a better man than he supposed to be
Grab the keys whip a Bentley grant your wildest dreams
along to a song by Jeffrey Frederick
I felt closer to God than I'll ever get to heaven
I fell to my knees and I prayed to the 711

Grant me the serenity
forblændes af lidt fetty, yaper, gauda, grant, green
They got us in the big wheel working machine
For da molaah, gold, nugget, rack, big money dream 

Grant them peace
Grant them peace
Lamb of god, lamb of god
Lamb of god, lamb of god
You who take away the sins of the world
Grant them peace
Grant them
fill them
All those below cast down
Their eyes when castles rise

God save the king
For he grants us leave to serve him
His praises sing
And grant that
10000 times
And raised 5 shillings and 7 and a half pence for charity

Cary Grant's wedding
Hail new puritan, righteous maelstrom
Have you ever heard
he could turn a thief, in case he felt contrite
Though glorify for he's a god
And follow me through Heavens heart
"I grant you power, grant you might

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