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Please grant your wisdom so I'll go beyond the chants and
Grant me your strength, so I won't ever break my stance
Grant me your love, so that I know
Ayee Ayee
Yemz in the snit snit snit
La la la la la la la la la la
Oluwa bless my familia yea yea Oluwa grant my fantasy
La la la la la la la la la
In this lifetime 
God will grant us the chance to choose 
life over death
And in this lifetime
God will grant us the chance to choose 
peace over
alright yeah
Say you love me say you love me I don't care yeah
2 grants I'mma make it in a day yeah
Say you love me say you love me I don't care
If you love
forth the stillborn godling from beyond
To grant them sight beyond all seeing

Blinking, blurring, burning, sliding
First glimpse of the light is blinding
Won't you grant me this last dance
Time passes by but not for us
Trapped in a playless wonderland

Cloudy eyes and a vacant stare
Look through me
a treat
Yeah a trick for a treat
Scared straight mate
I am vicious
Grant me wishes
I am vicious
Grant me wishes
I wanna bust down my wrist
24k on kobe shit
We gon' never brick
Anything we shoot always swish
Ask and ill grant yours but
Baby girl ain't no simp
I know god won't grant my wishes I'm a demon when I get into that mood I feel like killing
Promise I don't give a fuck bout what you say I don't got
feeling that i feel when i'm with you yeah yeah yeah

My Baby
Come make we gum body odoyewu, yeah
See to your fantasies, i will grant your wishes
Come make
and cleave unto me
I am the one true deity
Grant me your souls and your past beliefs
For I am a prophet of peace

You are forgiven, I grant you release
If you
Paano kaya makakasama ka
Sa ngayon magpakailanpaman
Walang mahalaga kung wala ka mahal
Tulad ko'y ibong walang pugad

Oh grant me the right to know
who will grant the Divine

Could I be
The only one
Left with sanity?

These lies are fed
To the weak
Who need something to believe 

Be saved
the pain away for I've been wrong, for I've been wrong
Halo, desecrated sun, grant me grace, grant me grace
Halo, drain the pain away for I've been wrong,
of my shoes red but the cash blue 

They think they winning but they ass lose 
Dnt call me Hitler but I have Jewels
Alotta Grants like Grad school
I used
wanna travel the world, all of your wishes I will grant (I will)
I wanna go to the islands
I wanna go to Japan
You wanna travel to Italy, all of your
Listen up y'all and lend me your ear
We want to welcome you to a backyard party being held right here
It's a magical place where we can grant one
Cosmo and Wanda, MJ and Parker, think I'm gonna stay with you longer
Grant my wish yeah we been bondin
Damsel fallin', dreamt this all yeah

Baby you got me hypnotized
Swirling circles magician look in my eyes
Lemme be yo genie baby let me grant yo wish
Ain’t rubbing no bottle i just need
Keep me ten toes down 
Even when my bank up 
Grant me wealth God
I ain't talkin bout no pay stub 
Thru the storms just remind me 
To keep my
just grant yo ass some time, yea
So you better act right, Yea
Don’t go wasting my time, no
Aye we gonna f*** all night, yea
(I just grant yo ass some
Is he speaking fact or fiction
I know thangs changed dey is different
Just give me time
Imma genie lemme grant ya wishes 
Just gimme time
Imma genie
grant no fuckin' wish
With da shit
Pager on my hip, I take a trip
Candy make me motherfuckin' flip, I let it drip
Like I do the motherfuckin' dish, she
with you I'm mighty
Please grant me the faith keep on trying
In the end all I ask is I don't only bleed
But serve a greater purpose to those in need

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