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Or poverty
The maiden sorrow of school days ended
And eyeless nature that makes you drink
From the cup of love, 
Though you know it's poisoned,
To whom
The small grains make room
Soft fists insist on
Heaving the needles
The leafy bedding
Even the paving
Our hammers, our rams
Earless and eyeless
The stranglehold of fear enveloping.
I meet his naked grin, his eyeless gaze.
A veil of flies lends flesh to fleshless face.
No time to waste, no mark to leave.

Crying ""don't want to!""
(""That's what it gets!"")
You want it, need it - sole feeling left

Skinless, eyeless, dickless, senseless
like a phoenix 
Intense like you mean it
Rise from the ash of the eyeless crimson tide

Can't stop the bleeding
No tourniquet can curb the screaming
the adoration of your eyeless followers, you fill your internal emptiness
Invasive thoughts flow to the surface (complications)
Unoriginal thoughts, deadly

Slipping down a crack into a crystal mine
Strapping on a headlamp, going back in time
Stalactites getting up with the eyeless fish
And the alley
Miles drowned rivers. Seek eyeless dwarf. Ridden headless horse
Arrive reverse echo. Deliver skinless prize. Elven Lords Arise
tears, of a silent Earth)
(Of a rusty lid, of a wingless wind)
(Of an eyeless storm, of fallen gods,
who lost their way)
I set myself on fire
To breed
And storm through Allah battlefield with suede Timbs
The ra-ven {raven screech} who made men eyeless
Blinds evil, like a needle through the eye
a sedative is sprayed on you,
Intentionally smelling of new car.
The infected drones march eyeless to work,
Paying for the ride over and over with time 'til
they'll be carefully - classified
the eyeless corpses - were carbonized
nothing remains - just heir precious eyes

nice rotting eyes [x4]
the line Doors that lock will end today To the day before I died
Born with stitches in my eyes My eyeless sight
Bastard sons go up in flame Plugged into
Like a carniver of flesh.
A union of monstrosities.

Curveless, boundless, eyeless.
I flee from the source of my agony.
Since I, in my beasthood,
I - Prelude: The Troops

""O, my brave companions
When your souls flock silently away
And the eyeless dead shame that the wild beast of battle
warned you all
This would happen, to you all

One day you will see your lives again
You will be alive again
While your blaming
The eyeless are
Invocation, the blood peers through my veins
I cannot see the face of eyeless hell
Invocation, for the knowledge of the cold
Dark and grey, like
faceless cry, so bloody eyeless red
They're chasing after me
And I'm swimming in a poll of the blood they shed

It's a fucked up time to be alive

that's lost
Before it begins

Eyeless are we, cursed to be
Swallowed by chaos
Hollow and defenseless

All that we've hoped for
Must come to an end
Go and meet your eyeless fate
The grief will only last until you're gone
Vision without courage makes us far too late
We'd do anything to slow

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