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.... is pain.


I stood
Beyond the world 

Whispering secret syllables
In the eyeless dark

Dancing wildly
Round and round on the rotting
Saw a magician cut you in half so bloodless
Daunted, I applauded
Looking around at all them eyeless faces
You crept into me and stood alone
for the light of the day that might relieve her
A widow dreams of her fallen angel
A broken heart, no memory can save her
A widow looks upon her eyeless
eyeless head of priest infested by insects
Coffins full of blood, emerge from underground
Cadaverous, infectious, a gore inhaling mass arise
golden dawn arising  

Omination, incantation  
From a higher ground
I see the old destroyed in war

Cleansing fire
Flesh from bones  
Eyeless seer
breaks me
I'll follow, let the water take me home

Eyeless men played with fire
Drifting side by side
Roaring noise of lost desires
Echoes far and wide
high I’m nearly eye-less
Drive-by in my 200is
Highlight the tattoos on the bicep
Ride or Die in my 200is
Oh well
The Opel
Needs a nobel
I remember
For not believing in love 
I was trapped in the night
For not adoring you

I am too eyeless to see you at the right time
I am too heartless not
On the snow creeping
Who's like an eyeless starwort?
What's cached in his weeping?
What a trace in his word?
Dying land under black ash 
Lord Ruler subdues the Skaa 
Eyeless Inquisitors of Steel 
Their iron laws we must abide 
Black snow from the ashmounts
Oh my god I'm tired
Of harboring an ant pile in my ribs
Oh my god I'm tired
Of sifting through the deluge eyeless

Smoke of a god I'm longing for
The axe wound 
In her eyeless skull
Gapes darkly
In the dying light
Of a perfect summer day

As you glide back
Across the dew-glittered meadow
the face squeezing it, afraid of how fragile he actualy is, and how much pain I'm causing him, still I mashed his eyeless head like a piece of paper and woke
then shall hide
Draped in disease

Subterranean growth maligned
Abomination the kind
Balterium lord of twisted mass
Eyeless but not blind
Wearing robes of solemnity 
My senses stand erect 
This moment I am solitary 
As you watch me, eyeless 
Observe a brutal face 
I need silence, I
and their kind made,
Eyeless skulls that endlessly stare
Having seen the truth of military trade.
The earth was our home, the wind and the air,
The blue
used to be well my vagina never was
It was a one-inch mound of flesh
With a scar running down it like a sideways grimace on an eyeless face
It was
"Eyeless in Gaza with the slaves at the mill"
The lips of eyeless woman
Asking me for needles and a thread to sew her head back together again
She reaches forward
And grabs ahold of my sleeve
for the newborn sailor

Through aeons of time
Our eyes were smothered by the sun
Now even in the dark we see ...
Wanton light steers us no more
of thing

Eyeless rolling
Sky is open
Earth is the ground and stone
I never wanted to let you go
Watch them all lie down
Watch the eyeless gain control, gain control!
They could never blind me

I clench the fist
And overtake it all
Or poverty
The maiden sorrow of school days ended
And eyeless nature that makes you drink
From the cup of love, 
Though you know it's poisoned,
To whom
Quickened Lumps Of Earth - A Feast For Fowls And Greedy Worms
Count Your Sins, The Snakes Within
An Eyeless Leap Onto The Bosom Of Decay


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