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Made ya happy

Major Happy's up and coming

Easy-going good time band

We're only here

For you out there

So give yourselves a great big hand

Need nobody but me
My sleaze is easygoing
Just give in, give up while you're
Down on your knees

Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute now
Guess it happened too fast
What do I know?
Where did it go?
Moving too fast
Where did it go?
What do you know?
Don't know much but I do go
I don't
Ay, and I know that you're proud of me
That you're proud of me
(You know um easy, you know easygoing)
I’m fucking up thinking bout love
It ain’t
Gotta practice what you say
Shit won’t ever go away
(My god, My god, Yeah)
(You know um easy, you know Easygoing)
(You know uh um Easy, You know Easygoing)
Blue skies my dog, Its a good time
Big clouds, Im in love with you forever
Hows the weather in heaven
must be tripping
(You know um uh Easy, You know Easygoing)
hear 'em playin on the radio
So you're lookin easy-going with your soda lime
Where's the party, I will be there, call me anytime
There is always
thoughtful or worth a single dime
But it sounds good and the flow is sick
Rap should be easygoing and take you on a ride sometimes like rolling with Rick

I'll trade lives for a decade
And see if I remember all
The days I laid there waiting
For an easygoing soul
Pulling out an answer
As my mind begins
Some easy-going shit
Life is great
Fuck what they say

Just check
All life goals check, all life goals check

15 years on stage
15 years in this game
easy-going, wenn ich im Flow bin
Ab und zu drift’ ich ab und du weißt dann nicht mehr wohin
Keine Sorge! Ich fang’ dich ein mit ‘ner Punchline
Obwohl, ich kann
There are cool, calm and easygoing days
There are days where it’s a struggle to get through
But my best days
The days that define me
Are the days when I’m
kissing dirty boys no they don't deserve a girl like you

Some boys are easy-going kinda guys
Never get heated, undress you with their eyes
They'll keep it
Edu was a good-hearted soul,
Loving n dear to all.
A nice cool easy-going pal 
Riding off on his bike  
To see his honey baby

An ordinary day
Each vertex for a dream or planning
But I will break it all down and ruin
The easy-going line of life

Or I should let the page be pure
Let you
different and we complement, each other step by step
We have the funny guy
The fury without shame
two little shy
and the easygoing genius

We play together,
do and I do it well, call me easy-going
Well at least I have a finished story to tell

'Cause tomorrow I just might be another face on your T.V.
not knowin
But I'ma keep growing, getting larger than life
Easy-going with the same one that started the fight
He be knowing how dog get, when dog gon
Doesn't care if it's well known or an unknown brand
He loves this way of living he's got everything he needs
An easygoing man pure as the air he breathes
You always fought against some.
I wish you could have
let yourself easygoing.
However you might resist.
you took the risk always.
I wonder
if you
these niggas come and try me
I turn the scene to a crime scene, I grew my wings now I'm flying
I, I, be easygoing I'm a type B person or something niggas
Summer fruit, cherry tattoo
So easy-going, like your mom was there for you
Rollerblades, you always played
‘Just a girl’, driving a Chevrolet

It's easygoing sarcasm
Don't get me wrong girl
My heart is in the right place
But sometimes it's off course
This overwhelming feeling
Has taken

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